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  1. What's strange if I use the F18, I can fly off no problem, just my wingmen fly off and immediately crash and burn. Wouldn't all of us? I don't know squat about LODS or collision, what to look for.
  2. Operation Joint Effort

    Works great. thanks! Lots of air coverage, watch out.
  3. Anybody have a clue how to fix this glitch? My wingmen crash immediately when taking off from the carrier. If I pick the A6, my aircraft sinks through the deck and explodes. It's a great mod otherwise (Modern warfare Korea) but naval planes have some problems as noted.
  4. Strike Fighters 2 Modern Warfare Korea v1.05 Update

    Anybody figure out how to fix this glitch in an otherwise excellent mod? Wingmen immediately crash taking off from carrier.
  5. Will do. Sorry if anyone took offense, I also take offense at snide remarks. The site is great, modders are execllent and I appreciate all the hours that obviously went into them. Makes the game all the more playable for years to come. Yes I get frustrated when a mod locks up. And frankly sometimes I don't make myself clear in what I am saying. All's well with me as far as any animosity with anyone here.
  6. Clearly you were wrong in saying that section doesn't get edited. If pointing out the numerous mods that indeed have that section edited, well I guess that makes me rude and cocky. Sorry you took it that way. I don't know what mods you've downloaded, apparently none that have you edit the campaign section.
  7. Nope I only get the era specific campaign planes. Okay that made me wonder. I reinstalled Formosa on Europe.exe base making it formosa2, I must have deleted the aircraft files because most of the mods want you to do that originally. Now I got the A4, but still don't get that in campaign, just the era specific planes, but it worked. Must of done something wrong on the install. Weird though modifying the INI file made it work for several of the mods. Of course I sink M936A2 wreckers in my yard so no wonder.
  8. So why doesn't it show up when I create a campaign in this mod? I have all the programs thirdwire put out for the series.
  9. What's even stranger here, I don't even get that choice of plane when selecting US NAVY I get A-1J Skyraider, F11F-1A "tiger" , F3H2N Demon, F4D-1 SKyray How is the A4 even in that mod?
  10. Laugh away. If It freezes up when I hit the campaign button, what's your theory on not editing it manually, and why after editing it , it would work? What would be messed up on my computer?
  11. Not when they freeze up and do nothing. What would be the rationale for many campaigns to have you changing that then?
  12. Having a problem with Modern Warfare Korea. When using naval planes, my wingmen tilt forward during launch and then crash. Same when I tried using the A6 intruder. My plane sank through the deck and exploded. Any suggestions on a fix? Otherwise the mod works great.

  13. Strike Fighters 2 Modern Warfare Korea v1.05 Update

    Same here. I just watched 3 of my wingmen tilt forward during launch then crash. I tried a campaign with F6 intruder, sank through the deck and exploded.
  14. Well somethings different then on my computer, shrugging shoulders, I've had numerous that I've had to edit, they would always lock up at the splash screen when pressing campaign. I've got all the main games, all the expansion packs. Don't know, just know what I've had to do to make them work. What does the campaign section in the options.INI show on yours? This is what I have to make it work [Campaign] CampaignName=590721 Operation Formosa Freedom PlayerService=USAF PlayerUnit=8th BS AircraftType=B-57B Difficulty=EASY Length=NORMAL AircraftSupply=NORMAL WeaponSupply=UNLIMITED LoadCampaign=FALSE CampaignSavename=

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