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  1. Tried that, still can't either get ground or air radar to come back even just selecting gun or an air to air weapon. Playing the Desert Storm mod, guess I should try vanilla to see if it's just the mod issue.
  2. Okay that seems to work fine, Next stupid question...... When I use a weapon like maverick or a LGB, when I try to switch back to the radar screen the weapon screen stays up. How do I switch back to the radar screen?
  3. AHHHHH Thank you Caesar, You guys are all great. Appreciate the help from an old Commodore 64 user LOL
  4. Crusader, I'm not sure what you are saying, edit the INI file to have it the same as radar lockon? Where is the .INI file. That might the way to do it though I've made my controls completely different ........
  5. Thanks Guys, I was about ready to tear out the last of my hair trying to figure this out. Something the developers missed I guess, It seems strange having to scroll through a hundred targets via the visual targets to get to the one you want. A mouse cursor or something would make it a lot easier to pick out the target you want to lock on to.
  6. Is there anyway to configure the keys/joystick buttons, so when I switch a radar target and lock to it the enemy description box is matching with the target I selected? I know I'm missing something somewhere, my enemy description box doesn't match the target I've selected on radar....
  7. I got it to work finally. Thank you. I know it's too much to ask for an installer considering the amount of work that obviously went into making this mod. It's great!!!!!!! Thanks again for all the work an an excellent mod!!!!!
  8. What a long convoluted process. I'm lost.

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