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  1. Ark Royal Deck Blurred?

    That's got it! Much better - thanks guys!
  2. Thanks Wrench - that's got it! Paul
  3. I don't seem to have a NATIONS.ini file in Flight or elsewhere??
  4. Ark Royal Deck Blurred?

    Mine was 5000x5000! Have reduced it to 2048x2048 and it does look a little better, I think - stiil not great, though
  5. Ark Royal Deck Blurred?

    Thanks Wrench - OK, thought it must be a problem with my install as the sreenshot supplied with the Ark Royal file looks fine
  6. Hi all, just installed SF2 NA, and the 1975 Northern Sabre campaign expansion. However, the deck of Ark Royal is very blurred. The other carriers seem to be OK. Any ideas what might be wrong and how to fix it? thanks Paul
  7. Thanks Eric. I've looked in the Low, Medium & High Detail directories in the Mods \ Terrains structure and can find no TGA files - only TOD?? Am I looking in the wrong place? Paul
  8. How do you reinstall the trees? Just copy over from the Large, Medium, etc detail directory? Thanks
  9. OK, thanks Eric. I read the ReadMe, but I thought it was suggesting trees could be "disappeared" if they caused a problem, not that they had been removed. Awesome mod, by the way!
  10. Hi, I've just installed this great expansion on a clean copy of SF2V (not merged) on Vista 64 Home Premium, using the 4 Gold installer files and the Jul 10 update. It looks to have installed OK (I can see separate N & S Vietnam terrains), but I'm seeing no trees at all - any ideas, anyone? All graphics options set to highest Thanks Paul

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