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  1. WOTR Screenshots and Videos

    Here's another - FZ-H of No. 65 Squadron, on a particularly dreary day in early 1939.
  2. WOTR Screenshots and Videos

    New skin! Based on a particularly good looking scheme from the midst of the Battle.
  3. WOTR Screenshots and Videos

    Flying an RAF campaign with No. 74 Squadron as "Tam Maguire" at the mo. Already racked up 3 confirmed with only 2 hours of combat time. Made up a personal skin today using an unused code (ZP-S) and based on the camouflage scheme used by the squadron from May-July: Love that B/W underside! Used from 1938 till July 1940, was then back in use from November 1940 till May of the following year; the Brown/Green scheme being replaced by a Green/"Mixed" Grey/Medium Sea Grey pattern in August of 1941, the "mixed" grey finally being replaced by Ocean grey in early 1942 - a scheme which stuck around until 1948 when it and the roundels were replaced entirely. - Additionally, I've put together some new generic skins which are looking very sharp. A Scheme over Dover B Scheme over the Supermarine works at Eastleigh
  4. Wings Over The Reich - News

    Have a look through the comments, it was a mistake that was fixed.
  5. Wings Over The Reich - News

    You can visit the site without having an account! Looks like the cannon armed Spitfires used by 19 Squadron are coming. They also seem to be those of the 30 built which had the first B wings (i.e mixed armament, although 19 Squadron also used a few with just 2 cannons).

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