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  1. Has anybody tried this? I'm ready to retire my X-45 stick and I want to replace it with a CH Fighterstick. However, I still want to use my X-45 throttle. Will this work? Will the CH Control Manager like seeing both the Fighterstick and my USB Pro Pedals, and will Il-2 be able to handle all three controllers?
  2. Motivation

    Those screenshots look great. I can't wait to see it with the coastline objects and scrub objects in place. I'm looking forward to low level CAS flights in the Pucara. Depending on how much the terrain code gets optimized, would it be possible to add auto-generated scrub brush and, heaven forbid, grass added to the scenery? I'm thinking of something extremely low detail, just to break up the straight edge terrain look common to a lot of sims. Look at Lock On as an example, the tree lines on the farm tiles do a lot to add to the feeling of low level flight.
  3. Motivation

    Hola, just wanted to make sure you guys know we're still watching your progress. I can't wait to see the first demo, let alone the full sim make it out. Keep up the good work!
  4. Jet Thunder : Angola - any chance?

    Keep up the good work all around. Ever since Jane's IAF, I've been waiting for a decent sim that modelled that era of aircraft. As fun as an F-15E or F-22 can be, there is something satisfying about dropping an iron bomb on a target with nothing more than a depressed gunsight.
  5. what am I doing now?

    I've always thought, when you play a simulation, you spend 95% of your time in the cockpit. Stands to reason, the cockpit should be as graphically intensive and realistic as the rest of the sim. Though most sims now use the position of the sun and launched weaponry to cast a glow into the cockpit, I have yet to see actual shadows from the airframe. It would definately be a step in the right direction.
  6. Jet Thunder : Angola - any chance?

    I've been going to the freefalcon forums at least twice a week to see any of the new developments on the Angola project. Frankly, I put away Falcon 4 until it was released. If this merger would happen, it would be incredable. I can honestly say that I would buy this sim over any other on the market, period.
  7. Tank sim enthusiasts?

    Just wondering if anyone here has any interest in tank sims like Steel Beasts. I just picked up Steel Beasts Gold online for $15. Graphics are a bit dated, but its still the best out there (in english at least). I can remember an Army recruiting trailer coming to my HS with a tank sim in it, basically a tanks gunner controls with Steel Beasts programmed into it. I remember everyone before me shot like s**t cuz they didn't laze the targets for range info or lead. Then I popped 10/10 and the sgt's jaw dropped.
  8. He's the sole inventor, and until recently sole programmer of the X-Plane series of simulators, arguably the most realistic sim out there. Maybe you could talk to him, see if he can give you a hand on any of the physics and aeronautics modelling stuff you have questions on. He'll probably empathize a bit, since he once had to start from scratch as well. He's also pretty open and helpful, at least to his X-Plane fans who constantly email him about new feature requests or bug reports (like me).
  9. what am I doing now?

    Kickass looking movie. When will we be able to see the headshake and eye behaviour that was talked about a while ago? Will the HUD move in relation to where the head is, disappearing off the side of the glass if you tilt too far from center? Is there going to be TrackIR 6DOF support? I know, those are pretty specific questions when you have a lot of other important stuff going on.
  10. BiohazCentral Screenshot Contest

    I think a lot of your die hard BioHaz fans already had PF as well. Not that is would really stop any of us who are artistically empowered, ha. A week is a short time though, PG is right. Gotta have time for word to get out, for people to make an image, submit it and then close the submissions for voting.
  11. Audigy 2 Drivers

    This seems like a pretty dumb question, something I should by rights find out myself, but is it necessary to regularly update drivers for my SB Audigy II card? Do they release new EAX code that significantly increases FPS or reduces stuttering? I can't ever figure out why in LO-MAC I still get stuttering problems and low FPS, even at medium settings, with my Radeon 9800 PRO, a P4 3.0ghz and a gig of RAM. Its an Alienware rig, for chris'ake. Even in Pacific Fighters I get s**tty sound and the occasional stutter, even with a steady 35 - 40 FPS at perfect settings.
  12. T-72 Balkan's on Fire

    Everyone needs to head over to SimHQ and read the previews for T-72, a new tank sim released in Russia (Are we seeing a trend; Il-2, Lock On?) Awesome graphics and hyper-realistic. They're trying to find a western distributer, so right now you'll have to suffer with a demo in Russian.
  13. Definately enjoying the Hellcat and Corsair. Pretty agile little birds. They can almost boom and zoom as well as the Jug. Anybody tried out the gyro sights in the P-51? Fly the latest one, then twiddle all the automated bombsight controls until you see a 'Gyro Sight' message. You'll definately see why it was nicknamed the Ace Maker.
  14. what am I doing now?

    In regards to moving elevators, he might have meant on the carriers. It would be pretty awesome having to taxi from the hanger deck out to an elevator and up to the cat. But it would need deck hands.
  15. I keep having a problem with bouncing on landing, especially with the Corsair and Hellcat. I'm probably just coming in too fast, but I always bounce with the hook still caught. Needless to say, it slams me into the deck every time. Pretty impressive though.

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