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  1. I can provide my skinning efforts if required? I can do an accurate ODS Turkey skin pack?
  2. I just want to know how to get rid of all bloom, not really a fan of it. Doesn't seem very realistic to me.
  3. View File TMF F-14A_82 Skin Pack This is a rework of all F-14A_82 skins withing the TMF F-14 v1.3. - Required TMF F-14 Pack v1.3 Submitter Blackburn32 Submitted 12/11/2018 Category F-14  
  4. TMF F-14A_82 Skin Pack

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a rework of all F-14A_82 skins withing the TMF F-14 v1.3. - Required TMF F-14 Pack v1.3
  5. Well thanks for the reply, but it was to no avail. I set it to multiple different heights, but none of them worked. The problem seems to be when I look up, the sky texture goes blue, when I look down it goes grey. Here are examples:
  6. Hmm, after a long hiatus from SF2 I've found myself playing it again after some nostalgic memories. Though I've been scratching my brain over this, one moment after doing some edits to the Flight and Environment .INI I had it working perfectly. But all of the sudden it's doing this, I suppose it has something to do with sky height?
  7. DCS Weekend News - F-14 & MiG-29

    I converted from SF2 to DCS years ago. I faithfully played SF2 for many years, even when I had Lock On and IL-2 installed (Both in my opinion better games due to being higher fidelity). I know the pure size of the SF2's scenarios and aircraft list is unprecedented, but it's simply just a fun arcade game that isn't personally rewarding to me. DCS has reached a level of realism with stunning visuals that have never been seen before. Heatblurs work on the F-14 is remarkable, I encourage everyone to try DCS. The study-level sim bug will bite you hard and isn't as daunting as one might think. It's very rewarding to fly and fight in a DCS module.
  8. Obviously we all know the cockpit lighting in SF2 is very bleak, is there a way for 3D modelers to create realistic lighting like what YEYEYE did for his M2000 pit?
  9. I can also help you with skinning if you could provide me with the .psd files?
  10. Sukhois

    Sliver is without a doubt sexy!
  11. At which angle do you attack a circle!
  12. I've been very interested with their F-4B, what is the quality of the FM like?

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