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ROF - Missions and Campaigns

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Missions and Campaigns for Rise Of Flight

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  1. RoFCampaign.zip

    The Campaign
    - Create a pilot Choose a country to fly for
    - Choose a campaign start date
    - Choose a rank
    - Choose a squadron
    - Fly in a scout, recon or bomber squadron
    Create a Pilot:
    - His name and rank.
    - His status.
    - His victories – the type and date they were scored.
    The environment:
    - Squadron placement is fairly accurate but does not change
    - Aircraft assignments will be accurate within game limitations.
    - Yes, every Allied recon squadron is flying Breguets – including the British.
    - … and every German recon squadron is flying DFWs.
    - Updates will be made ASAP as aircraft come online.
    Generate a mission:
    - RoFCampaign generates a mission in the RoF “Missions” directory in the form .mission
    - You fly the mission in RoF
    - Members of your squadron are assigned to the mission.
    - Friendly and enemy flights are generated.
    - Mission parameters are varied.
    - You may or may not lead depending on your status in the squadron.
    - Ground or air start.
    Your squadron:
    - See your squadron.
    - Their rank.
    - How many missions they have flown.
    - How man victories they have.
    - Assign individual skins to your squadron mates.
    - Assign historically accurate skins at a squadron level.
    - Transfer to a different squadron
    - Take a leave
    - Fight with and against historical aces.
    - See how you stack up.
    - Assign historically accurate skins to aces.


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  2. Nieuport 17 two training missions

    Nieuport 17 two training missions
    For Rise of Flight
    Two training missions for the Nieuport 17.
    1-Take off and landing
    2-Take off-gunnery-landing

    Install instructions in readme


    Folder input included curve(responses)for the Nieuport 17.
    For install and activation, see readme.

    Happy flights and enjoy


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