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First Eagles - Golden Era - Terrain and Environmental Mods

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  1. Spanish Civil War Terrain (fake)

    Fake Spanish Terrain
    This is a placeholder until a better Spanish terrain is made. It will show up as "Central Spain" in the game.
    This terrain is based on the Verdun terrain, using the Verdun.cat file, from First Eagles. It is a cosmetic change and is not geographically correct. Everything is the same as the stock Verdun terrain except for the following changes:
    - I have renamed all the locations in the Target.ini and Movement.ini with names from the Guadalajara area of central Spain. I did my best to match town and airfield locations with the terrain coordinates, but I couldn't always find an exact match.
    - I modified the terrain tiles to remove the trench line. I have left a few battlefields for Army Co-operation missions.
    - I have used Jan Tuma's tile set, the Spring tiles are included with this download. I made some minor changes to skins for buildings and trees.
    - I have made extensive changes to the airfields, using hangars, buildings, and vehicles I made for Galicia, as well as hangars, buildings, and vehicles made by Geezer for the 1930's. I have also used Geezer's AA guns. All the necessary objects are included in the download.
    - I created new briefing maps with the new place names.

    I have created two nations for the Spanish Republic forces (the government forces) and for the Spanish National forces (the rebel forces). Note that I am using "SNAF" as the name of the Spanish National forces, and "SRAF" for the Spanish Republican forces. The nation names in the planes and ground objects have to match these names. A text file is included which you can use to modify your Nations.ini file.
    I have also created new icons for the planning maps and in-flight maps to represent the two new nations.

    Jan Tuma made the terrain tiles which I have included in this download.
    Geezer made some of of the hangars, airfield buildings, vehicles, ground crew, and AA guns included in this download.
    Ojcar provided links to some very helpful information about the Spanish Civil War and the vehicles, weapons, and equipment used in it.
    Gerwin made the TFD editor which I used to modify the terrain.
    Installation Instructions
    I highly recommend that you make a separate install for the Spanish Civil War because nations, icons, ground objects, terrain, and planes are completely different from the stock First Eagles. Note, you will need to keep the "Verdun" terrain folder because "FakeSpain" uses the Verdun cat file.
    My folder named "FakeSpain" contains the actual terrain. Put the entire folder into your "Terrain" folder.
    The folder named "Flight" contains a text file which needs to be added to your "Nations.ini" file. If you don't see a Nations.ini in your Flight folder, you will need to extract it from the FlightData.cat file. Open both files, copy everything from my "AddToNationsIni.txt" file and paste it at the end of your "Nations.ini" file. Change the "XXX" to the next numbers in your sequence.
    Note that I am using "SNAF" as the name of the Spanish National forces, and "SRAF" for the Spanish Republican forces. The nation names in the planes and ground objects have to match these names.
    The folder named "Flight" contains icons which show correct insignia for the in-flight map. Copy them into your "Flight" folder. Note that after this, in the in flight map, all "Friendly" airfields will be represented by a Republican roundel and "Enemy" airfields will be represented by a National roundel.
    My folder named "GroundObjects" contains all the ground objects used in the terrain. If you have made a separate install for the Spanish Civil War, you should delete all the WWI ground objects and replace them with the new ones. I have adjusted the data files to reflect correct nations for the Spanish Civil War.
    My folder named "Menu" contains icons for the two new nations which will appear in the planning map. These will simply extend the set currently there. Any planes whose nation is "Germany" or "Italy" will still be represented with WWI German or Italian insignia. But planes whose nation is "SNAF" or SRAF" will be represented by the appropriate new insignia.
    You will need to extend the end date of First Eagles in order to fly planes from the 1930s. In the First Eagles folder, open the Options.ini, under [singleMission] (a little more than halfway down) set the end date to after the war. The Spanish Civil War ended in April 1939. I set my end date to the end of the year: EndDate=12/31/1939


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  2. Improved Gameworld Appearance

    I occasionally tinker with lighting and textures to make the TW gameworld look more realistic. This small pack was developed to improve Gterl's WW1 Italy game map, but should also work with most any other SF or FE game map.
    Most of the changes are located in the FLIGHT folder, whose contents are largely the work of Quack74. All I did was alter the light levels to better simulate "high noon" - the standard game settings are too dark and murky for bright sunshine.
    I also lightened and dulled Jan Tuma's tree art so forests don't look like dark green blobs. The new art files Stromy, Stromy2, Stromy3, and TEROBJECT_TREE S1 replace the equivalents in the WW1 Italy folder.
    Finally, the increased light levels can make some aircraft appear too shiny. A sample texture set ini file is included with reduced glossyness settings - see first shot of Sea Gladiator (facing away from camera). 0.000 equals no gloss whatsoever.


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