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MiG-27 (MiG-23BM)

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About This File

MiG-27 Readme


Model based on MiG-27 model by Wpnssgt


This plane required MiG-23/27 Weapons Pack.Please intall it first.


http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9693 - part1


http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=10041 - part2


To Install:


- unpack Archive in temporary folder


- copy MiG-27_ folder to Aicraft folder.


- copy Sounds to sound folder


Plane specification:


- Max G: 7.0


- Powerful GSh 6-30 Gun


- MiG-27 can use R-3S/R-13M, Kh-23


- Max Loadout 4000Kg


- R-29B-300 Engine


- 'Fon' Laser Range meter.


- PrNK-23 Nav/Targeting complex with Digital Computer


- ASP-17S gunsight


- S-17VG aim system


- DISS-7 control System


- Delta-NM {Kh-23 control pod}


- two KDS-23 Flare/chaff dispensers (replaced by BVP-50-60 during converrtion to MiG-27D)


in production 1973-76 360 planes, before 1975 named MiG-23BM, in 1983-87 304 plnes updated to '27M' level, named MiG-27D.


In conservation since 1994, probably last fights observed in 2001-2004.


Soviet AP with MiG-27 (from Sturbakov's BiGgest VVS database 'Sturbakov@yandex.ru')


- 3-th APIB { 149-th BAD {4-th VA , Kshiva}


- 58-th APIB { 30-th ADBT {23-th VA , Step'}


- 226-th IAPIB{ 246-th IAD [Fighter Division] {23th VA [Air Army], Nalayha, Step'}


- 281th IAP {796-th TsPOf [one MiG-27 esc]}


- 314-th APIB{ 289-th ADIB [Fighter-Bomber Division] {14-th,24-th VA [Air Army], Chervyaly}


- 321-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA], Suurkul', Emari}


- 372-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA , Daugavpils}


- 642-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {18-th,5-th VA , Voznesensk, Martynovka}


- 722-th APIB { 149-th BAD {76-th VA , Gdov, Smura'yovo}


- 899-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA , Lielvaerde}


Some MiG-27 S/N's included in this package.

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