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"Battle of Caporetto" Ver 1.0 Part 1

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About This File

This is ONLY Part 1 of the "Battle of Caporetto" Campaign, Version 1.0, made by quack74


Part2 is a necessary download for it carries ALL the ENEMY (Austrian) aircraft files


This Campaign takes place in Northern Italy in the Fall of 1917. Austria vs Italy.


All info is in the readme files


The Vogesen terrain ( by Gepard ) is needed to run this campaign.

I highly recommend Jan Tuma's visual upgrade pack as well.


I would like to thank ***** and the skunworks A team for many of the WWI models

I would like to thank sinbad for allowing me to repost some of his Hanriot HD-1 Italian skins

I also would like to thank Gepard for the terrain and the help he gave me

And thanks to JanTuma for the beautiful terrain upgrade.


Thanks especially to all those guys that took the time to build all the aircraft and ground objects.

Without them this campaign wouldnt have come to mind. Actually Laton's Austrian and Italian planes triggered it.

They needed a place to fly. So thanks Laton.


Enjoy, quack74

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This is a 5 star mod! Very immersive and furball central. Impressive work quack!

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