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HMS Argonaut

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HMS Argonaut (F56) (SF-1 gen) by BANIDOS TEAM




HMS Argonaut (F56) was a Leander-class frigate of the Royal Navy. She was

built by Hawthorn Leslie and Company of Hebburn. She was launched on 8 February

1966 and commissioned on 17 August 1967. On 31 March 1993, Argonaut was decommissioned. She was broken up a few years later.



Malvinas War, 1982

In 1982 the Malvinas Islands were Recovered by Argentina. An advanced group of British

vessels began to steam towards Ascension Island on the 2nd April, a territory that would play a

strategic part in the eventual Invasion of the Malvinas Islands. On the 19th April, Argonaut, along with

Ardent and two Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships Regent and Plumleaf finally headed for Ascension Island. On the

29th, the group finally arrived at Ascension, and on the 6th May the Argonaut Group departed the island for the

Malvinas. On the 16th, the Group joined the large Amphibious Group centred around Fearless and Intrepid, and on the 18th

the Group met up with the Carrier Battle Group.

On the 21st May, Argonaut, along with other destroyers and frigates, provided close escort for the amphibious vessels

during the successful landing at San Carlos Water. On that day, Argonaut was attacked twice by Argentinian aircraft.

The first attack, by an Argentinian Navy Aermacchi MB-339, flown by Lieutenant Crippa, caused some damage, including to

her Type 965 Radar, while the second attack was launched by five A-4 Skyhawks call sign Leo, which hit Argonaut with two bombs.

Neither exploded, although one killed two sailors, Able Seaman Iain M. Boldy and Able Seaman Matthew J. Stuart, when it entered the

ship's Sea Cat missile magazine, detonating two missiles. Plymouth came to the assistance of Argonaut and towed her away from immediate danger.

Both bombs were still active, and it took a number of days to deactivate them, as this was very risky work, proven on the 24th May when Antelope sank

after an unexploded bomb detonated while experts were attempting to deactivate it.

On the 20th June, the Malvinas were captured and the war was declared over. On the 26th June, Argonaut finally returned home to Devonport Dockyard

after a long journey, where she underwent repairs for her battle damage. During the repairs, new sonar equipment was fitted.






Project MasterMind= TORNO








3D-Model Westland Lynx =ROBER MIRAGE







To use this model you only have to release the contents of the

GroundObject folder inside the folder the same name in your game...

You also have to put the WeaponData in the corresponding INI.






ScreenShoot By TORNO



Lt Guillermo Owen Crippa, a young Argentine Fleet Air Arm pilot, was tasked as No 2 of

an armed patrol from Stanley airfield shortly after sun-up. The other Aermacchi jet trainer became

unserviceable, so Crippa launched on his own. Near Jersey Point he spotted a Royal Navy Lynx helicopter,

but as he pulled up to dive on it, he also sighted the ‘enemy’ invasion force anchored in San Carlos Water.

Crippa broke off, reported his discovery of the British to his controller in Stanley – and then announced his

intention to attack. At low level and high speed he emerged from the radar shadow of Fanning Head, and fired all

his podded Zuni rockets at HMS ARGONAUT. Crippa then engaged a RFA stores ship with his 20 mm cannon,

and before exiting the combat zone, took notes on the number and types of ship sheltering in San Carlos Water.

He was subsequently awarded Argentina’s highest decoration for valour in combat. The British were also given

a first taste of the courage and determination that characterizes Argentine military aviators.





-This Model is FREEWARE . Feel free to use this mod for any

future projects as long as proper credit is given..

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