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XvT/BoP Independant Operation: A Star Is Born

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XvT/BoP Independant Operation: A Star Is Born 10/10/2015


A short 5 mission TOD for XvT/Bop. (Works with original CD and 'new' GoG versions)


(There was no original 'readme text' for the original set, so this will have to suffice.)


It is some years before the story chronicaled in "A New Hope". At this time, the Rebel Alliance is still flying Y-Wings and Z-95 Headhunters. Although, Incom Corp is testing the first of it's new starfighter prototypes...the T-65 X-Wing. One of those lucky enough to be involved with the project is Siranno DelSol, know as the 'Starry Knight' to his friends and family on his home of Marek Prime. Marek is a neutral planet, aligned with neither the Empire nor the Rebels. The political climate on Marek is a 'wait and see' policy with the both of them; shakily sitting on the fence between the waring factions.
And the future of it's inhabitants is about to be decieded....
These are to be used/placed into your ...Balance of Power/Combat folder.
Many of these missions have additional goals, messages (which are sometimes used as in-game hints), and "eye candy" added.


As always, PLEASE read this enclosed readme for full, detailed install instructions. Give the "Note" section a read too, for well, notes!


Kevin Stein


original set for XWCD by ??? circa ???

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