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Fokker EIII FE2

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About This File

~These are 10 new ( ish ) skins the originals were done by Gambit , however, I have a pathological hatred of painted on decals, especially in FE 2 , as the bmp format is just horrible, Jpg is so much better ( Load some FE aircraft into SF 2 and you will see what I mean !!! ) Anyhow, these skins are for Latons most excellent Fokker EIII, the skins can be used in either version , ie. the EIII or the EIIIa ( which never really existed, the A model just has twin Spandaus, and that was not a common modification on EIII's )


So the Skins are as follows, A factory finished EIII, 2 Austrian Navy machines one an unusual all over Green,including the cowl , Udets EII , which I have painted in grey with the blue stripe, as there is evidence to suggest the Red stripe isn't actually correct so I have gone with that colour, Boheme, also redone as the one available in the uploads have the black and white colours the wrong way around, also there is evidence to suggest this machine was also a grey one, and not linen, 3 different coloured Turkish machines, and a machine flown by Leopold Anslinger with the iron cross markings on the horizontal stabilisers, which is a bit different I think, and finally a blue EIII that is possibly a Jasta 9 machine. there were many more I could have done as well, but I think some of the ones I was thinking about were actually EII's not EIII's, so watch this space i shall hopefully do some EI & EII skins as well.


I have made new decals for all the marking positions, the trestle marks and also FOK.EIII numbers , not all aircraft had these so some of the skins dont have them showing, the personal machines, I have added separate FOK numbers, so they are hopefully correct (ish) I have also included the hangar screen and the Von S Data files, guns, pilot , decals, and sounds are all included in the package as well, I hope I have not missed anything out, but I expect most of you already have all the pertinent bits if I did.


Thanks to Laton for producing the Eindeckers, ( please make me a Swartzlose armed AIII please !! ) to Von S and his band of brothers for doing all the black majiks on the data files, also to Peter for doing all his hard work on FM's finally to Gambit, and to Von Deutchmark for making the skins that I can come along and modify.


Happy Fokker Scourging !!


ENJOY :flyer:

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