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Heinkel He 51 1.0.0

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Heinkel He 51

Spanish Civil War era


A set of skins for Stephen 1918's HE 51. This is the same format , and arrangement, in my previous upload, except this is purely for FE 2 and specifically the Spanish Civil War map. All files except for the LOD files are included, you will need to download Stephens original Heinkel HE 51, then drop my files into the folder that has Stephens original aircraft in it, allow the overwrite, as the .INI files are slightly Different from Stephens. The Skins are 3 different ones from Condor Legion J 88, then 4 Luftwaffe examples in their colourful pre war plumage. 2 Bulgarian examples, one is pre Soviet , and the other post Soviet. Finally there is a Spanish 1939 version.

Any problems or errors, please do message me, and I will hopefully rectify the issue.


Enjoy :airplane:

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Something I did not understand at all from the explanation... :read:

So which of the two files should I download? If the "second" package differs from the "first" only in that it is sharpened 'purely for FE2', then why does it weigh more than the "first"?

On the contrary, JPEG textures for FE2 weigh less than BMP textures for FE1. Why do we need a 'second' package at all, if FE2 is insensitive to skin formats? :dntknw:

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The First ( JPG ) pack is for SF" the second ( BMP) is for FE, JPGs dont work for skin files in FE for some reason, ( either that or I am doing something wrong ) Hence the 2 packs, also the first pack has Elbonian and Parani skins, neither of which are applicable to FE2 . When you say it "weighs more" I dont get your meaning mate, please can you clarify that for me ? Not being a dick, just dont understand your statement there. I have tried over and over to get JPG's to work in FE, if you know of a way to make that so, I shall be supremely happy to know it mate.

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15 hours ago, trotski00 said:

When you say it "weighs more" I dont get your meaning mate, please can you clarify that for me ? .

When I talk about "lighter weight", I mean that a 2048x2048 texture saved as a BMP will weigh 12 MB, while an JPEG texture of the same resolution is only 590 KB (!). Also, let's clarify which generation of the game are we talking about? If you are talking about FE of the 1stWave, then you don't even have to try - 1stGens understands only the BMP format. If about FE2, then it easily reproduces skins in the JPEG format, like any other game of the 2ndGens. But since FE2 has not been updated since July 2010, the game cannot convert formats automatically (that is, in SF2, it is enough to save skins for old models in the JPEG format, and the engine will do the rest). Therefore, you need to make changes to the model itself so that it refers to the JPEG textures, and not to the BMP. It's easy enough to do it with a HEX-Editor, and I know how to do it. With Stephen's permission, I could do this for you, but then the model will only be suitable for FE2, while Stephen makes his planes universally suitable for both generations of the game.

PS Perhaps this collision will prompt Stephen to change the model himself (if he sees the point in this). And at the same time, it will make some improvements to the model, which have already been mentioned ;)


Edited by Crawford

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So then not really a big issue to bother with then, as I cannot be fussed to mod EVERY single FE 2 model to enable it to be a JPG, and other than the fact that the BMPs are larger in MB's , which for me, is not an issue, however, it is an easy "fix" to merely reduce the skin files, in size ie, from 4096, down to say 2048, if one has a problem with file sizes. It would be a huge task to convert everything to JPG's. If TK would pull his finger out of his arse, and make FE into the same format as SF , then life would be so much nicer !! I cant see Stephen wanting to bother with the JPG issue either. Anyway, that is the reason for the 2 uploads one for each sim, I had no other way of doing it. On top of which, only a select few will download the aircraft anyhow.

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2 hours ago, trotski00 said:

If TK would pull his finger out of his arse ...

I don’t think he will do it (everything has grown together for a long time)) Moreover, the only difference is that the FE2 game does not support "autochange" of textures.

But at least I now clearly understand the difference between your two packages ))

It was nice to talk to!

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Aye I have to agree with you on TK's stance, ot lack thereof, I think its awful, the way he has just walked away, and not released code etc. to the obviously large community that surrounds SF/FE . Oh and another reason that I did 2 uploads, is that the original model done by Stephen, was actually for FE and not SF, so it was only right and proper to release it in both formats.

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