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Rudimentary VASI for WOV 1.0.0

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About This File

Rudimentary "Visual Approach Slope Indicator" mod by Ryder7 for WoV sfp1. beta version.

This mod adds a somewhat "VASI" light system to all WOV runways.
I wish I could rotate the lights verticaly so I might have been able to duplicate a proper VASI and/or PAPI light systems, meaning that some lights would only show up above glide slope whereas others would only show up below glide slope,  but since I could only rotate lights horizontally, I had to try something less realistic, but somewhat working and very simple in fact:

In my system, you have two sets of lights, yellow ones are close to your estimated landing point, whereas red ones are located 400 meters before and 20.96 metres higher, so they look perfectly on line when you look at them from a 3 degres slope angle... Well, if my trigonometry is not wrong, school was a long time ago I'm affraid.


         * Red light

                            o Yellow light
Runway              _____________________________________________


If above glide slope, you 'll see yellow lights above red ones:    °°    °°
                                                                                                             **     **

If below glide slope, you 'll see yellow lights below red ones:   **     **
                                                                                                              °°   °°

If ON a 3degres glide slope, you 'll see the lights on line :      **° °**


Additionally, I put two sets of each lights, one left, one right on both runway headings, which provides you both alignment and glide slope visuals for low visibility situations, making it some sort of rudimentary not super accurate but better than nothing alternative for no ILS system in those games.


-On night landing, those lights may look blurry and somewhat mixed with already existing runway lights at certain distances.
-The closer you come to the runway, the less accurate this system becomes so you'll have to rely on your training for those last feet/meters before touchdown. This actually looks a bit like a real ILS antenna thing BTW.
-On some cockpits and/or some aircrafts it may be difficult to see the lights while maintaining proper AOA/attitude/descent rate. (internal views only)
-Also, depending on your display settigns, you may want to zoom the cockpit POV at its max level (F3 or F4 keys) in order to see those lights, but this makes it more difficult to watch your instruments in the same time.

Well, this is not perfect, but I hope you'll give this mod a try and have as much fun landing with it than I got from making and testing it. I wish again it was possible to rotate vertically those runway lights, and also I wasn't able to add light to the carrier, it would have been fun to add some sort of "meatball-OLS" for carrier ops. Hopefully, more talented modders than I may come with solutions.

Personal notes and thanks:

This was my first mod ever published for those games whereas i spent so much time playing and messing with mods years ago. I moved for Falcon BMS that is incredible, but having less spare time for flight sims and homepits, I found back my WOV copy for quick and dirty gameplay with the cheapest joystick, and found myself having just as much fun with it as I did before. I just love those Thirdwire early jets and cold war era atmosphere, and one can learn basics, or come back to these games and try to play with more "realistic" procedures. Well, thanks to thirdwire, CombatAce, and the whole community for years of fun, hope my humble contribution will add to the pack.

Ryder7 from France.

P.S.: Feel free to upgrade this mod at will, just give credits and no commercial use please. :)

Edit: Forgot to add proper installation instructions:

1.backup your Airfields.ini.

2.Drop the content of the zip onto your  ...Wings Over Vietnam/    game directory.

3. That's it. To uninstall, just remove those files and you'll be back with vanilla packed .inis, or replace with your backup ones if already modded.





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