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Hi, I need a new ok from the Mirage Factory to release this Bird!!! It's a modified F-14A with new Engines and attack capability, this Bird is a ZIP file with a Bounty Hounters Low visibility Skin, wich is not done by me. I only reworked the ini's, a F-14B is similar to a F-14A only other/better engines and ground attack capability!!!





VF-2 Bounty Hunters (Lo Viz)

Model! = Mirage Factory

INI's = Mirage Factory

modified by me!!!


here some Pics!






The Readme original by Mirage Factory with my additions!



| |


| |



The Mirage Factory and Olivier ANGUILLE (BPAo) present :



The F-14A Tomcat the best fleet defender.

The F-14B Tomcat is my ini creation!





SFP1 Model



3D : BPAo

Textures : Column5

FM : Column5

Sounds : Aaron Swindle




3D : based on JT's from Thirdwire public cockpit, modified by BPAo

Textures : based on Thirdwire, news BPAo, HUD from ArmourDave team (Sal, Lansen, Rafael et AD himself)


Effects : Deuces, JSF_Aggie


Pilote Texture : Pappychecksix




3D : Crab_02

Textures : BPAo



3D : Crab_02

Textures : BPao


Test Team


Manetsim, Sony Tuckson, Nico, Column5


ini modifications 76.IAP-Blackbird

effects, copy the effects to the strike fighters/effects <---Folder

Pilots copy to Strike Fighters/Objects/Aircrafts <------ Folder

It's better to have the F-14A installed first from Mirage Factory, it makes no trouble, just try it.



Weapons add


AIM-54A&C , long range, fire & forget missile, range up to 180Km


for using the Phoenix, the best way is use the Weapon Pack release somes days after Tomcat.


if you can't wait, use last weapon editor from ThirdWire and import F-14a_Weapondata.ini (you can found this

file in weapons directory) in your weapondata.ini.



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Which "B" is it? F401, F101DFE or F110?


I actually created a test F101DFE powered "Super Tomcat" (the cancelled 1981 model) myself seperate from the "A", but it's really just a modification to engine thrust and reducing the zones of afterburner from 5 to 3. Just wondering which engines you selected?

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I selected the Pratt & Whitney F401-PW-400 they're similar to the F-15A engines, ....


What is the difference between Afterburnerstage 3 and 5??? :dntknw:


Ah yes, the 1970's original B :)


If my memory serves me correctly (and if someone catches a mistake, feel free to correct it), zones are basically the fuel consumption and thrust in afterburner. "Select Zone 5 and get the hell outta dodge" means go full burner and extend an escape. Zone 1 is ab, but not full, and with not as much fuel consumption. The TF-30's Zones 3-4 consumed 64,000lbs of fuel per hour, with more thrust than Z1 or 2, while Z5 is absolute maximum thrust, burning 72,000lbs/hr. The TF-30 series engines all had 5 stages of ab. I know the F-110's had 3, and knowing that the F110 was a development of the F101, with 400lbs less thrust but better response, I assumed that the F101 also had only 3 stages; again this was just an assumption. But more Zones does not equate to more thrust: the Z3 (maximum) burner of an F110 provides 7200lbs more thrust than Z5 (maximum) of a TF-30, so zones are just the different selectable amouts of extra fuel consumption allowed by the engine, and the thrust produced I guess. As for the F401, I have no idea the number of Zones.


Good luck w/ clearance to release, Blackbird!




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Your best bet would be to get hold of Sony Tuckson. He posts on this site.

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Just make sure you have permission to release it.

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Hey, when you release that make sure you credit everyone.....us skinners love seeing our work being used....We also love seeing our name in readmes......

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