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LOMAC Question:Will we get to use the IRST SYSTEM???

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Hey all,

Just wondering, will the IRST System (the Infra-Red Search and Track System) on the MIG-29 and SU27/33 be modeled in the Sim? Will we be able to utilize it in regular gameplay and on-line? There have been quite a few survey Sims that have modeled the Fulcrum, but the IRST System was ignored. Also, is the IRST System modeled in Flanker 2.5? I haven't played the Sim.




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believe it or not, the IRST was modeled in Microprose F-19 Stealth fighter back in like., 1987/88 somewhere around there. So no, LOMAC will not be the first to model it; however they may be the first to do it real well :D


Although it was modeled well in F-19 for it's time, considering the system was still in R&D phase to my knowledge, so you would have to believe alot of *assumption* was put in to it. hope that helps.



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