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New Avionics...

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Ancient Chinese secret!


Well actually ok not really a secret... however the screenshot I showed was from before the patch but it still does work... gimme a minute and I will put together a download package for it....


ok here it is... these are for your MiG-21's... it has a fixed range and no boresite mode... and loses lock very quickly. Assuming you have a cockpit set up for the MiG-21's such as Marcelo's wonderful pits... you just do the following... I am using the MiG-21F as an example...


1. Place the MiG-21F_avionics.ini file into the ..ObjectsAircraftMiG-21F folder

2. Place the MIG21RADAR.bmp into the ..ObjectsAircraftMiG-21Fcockpit folder


Change or add the last line shown below to the MiG-21F.ini file:




AircraftFullName=MiG-21F Fishbed-C









and you are good to go. You can repeat this for the Other MiG-21's by changing the name of the Avionics.ini to MiG-21FM_avionics.ini and so on, making the appropriate changes to the code above.


Total credit for this goes to eruyi. Have fun and don't forget to make backups in case you do not like it. Just a nice change of pace if you are flying the MiG's and want something other than the US radar system.

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