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  1. You mean the allowable weapons classes for the aircraft weapon stations in the data.ini? here is the list as I know, and not all of them are implemented in the sim yet: BOMB ... Bomb LGB ..... Laser-guided Bomb EOGB .. Electro-Optically Guided Bomb AWD ... Area-weapon Dispensor NUC .... Nuclear Bomb RCKT .. Rocket, single WGR ... Wire-guided Rocket CGR ... Command-guided Rocket LGR .... Laser-Guided Rocket EOGR .. Electro-Optically Guided Rocket ARM .... Anti-radiation Missile ASM .... Anti-ship missile IRM ..... Heat-seeking Missile SAHM .. Semi-active Homing Missile AHM .... Active Homing Missile RP ...... Rocket Pod GP ...... GunPod EP ...... ECM Pod LP ...... Laser Pod NP ...... Navigation Pod DLP .... Data-link Pod RCN ... Recon Camera Pod IFP ..... Illuminiation Flare Dispensor FT ....... Fuel Tank 2BR .... Twin Bomb Rack 2IR ..... Twin IRM Rack 2AR .... Twin AHM Rack TER .... Triple Ejector Rack TLR .... Triple Homing Rocket Rack MER ... Multiple Ejector Rack BFT .... Bomb carrying Fuel Tank
  2. Did you make a separate profile for SF? if so you could try turning down the tracking speed.... Or I could host a TrackIR profile for you to try, just load it up and give it a whirl.... it has a modest dead zone in the center to help with aiming. Just save it to your C:\Program Files\Naturalpoint folder and load and go. See what you think. -Ollie SFP1.tir
  3. check my homepage... downloads section... I have one there you could try. There is also a spreadsheet with a command list on it that may help. Ollie
  4. For the training missions it was mentioned somewhere to make sure your mouse panning is turned OFF. Once you turn it off in the options I bet it will run ok.
  5. Sounds good enough to me, thanks for replying... I have just never seen this happen on my plane through any throttle setting. No worries :)
  6. Hi gang: Looking for a command key to move the intakes of the F-15 up and down. I have seen this done both online and in one of the training missions. Any idea on the command keys for this? -LO
  7. X45

    Aww hey cool... I know that site :)
  8. I'm still having probs with the main page and netscape (7.02)... The news text in the center or the page just below the header bar is black instead of white and it just looks all funky. The text comes in white and clear with IE Not sure what to make of this.
  9. Good Lord! Those look fantastic!!!! :)
  10. Unexpected effects of the MOAB.....hehehehe....

    So THAT is what I heard....
  11. next patch

    2 months i thought...
  12. There should be nothing more than dropping the tga file into the flight folder to change the color. I am not sure how it works in conjunction with any changes to the .ini file. This effect only changes the color, not lengthen the flame... sorry if I got confused about that.
  13. OR, to make it even easier, you can download the afterburner effect from the Biohaz download area and copy the file contained in the zip "afterburnerfire.tga" to the FLIGHT folder and give that a whirl. http://www.biohazcentral.com/modules.php?o...eq=getit&lid=60
  14. Hell YES!!! Gread job! :) Thank you thank you thank you!
  15. From everything I see abvout the sounds in the game, any new sounds added should be wav files recorded at 11 KHz, 16-bit format. Menu music can be stereo or mono, but I think ingame sounds can only be mono (the 3D engine will take care of the stero part) That is just my observation and I hope that helps.

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