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An open letter to the sim community

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As most of you know I’m a strong supporter of the A-10 and its CAS/CSAR role and with events this week I have been asked, challenged, and down right called out to justify or explain what happen in the British convoy attack. I can’t do that because I was not in the cockpit of that A-10 and the only account of the incident I’ve seen is from the British press.


I will not try to justify, nor will I condemn, what happen because as I said I do not know the full story from both sides. I will say if the pilot was negligent I’m sure it will come out and the USAF will take appropriate action but I would like to hear the pilots side before I join the lynch mob forming.


Also in my position I have access to information, which I can’t discuss on an open forum, which places me in a very tough situation. I can’t talk about current operations nor can I make statements about incidents such as this before the USAF completes its investigation… if this sounds like a cop-out then so be it that’s the way it has to be.


I try to keep an open mind and not defend the USAF or my Hog community blindly but I do want to hear both sides before making a decision and in this case I’ve only heard one side.


To me being a supporter means supporting someone in both good times and bad and not just being a “fair weather friend”. I take what has happen personally and it has caused me to lose sleep but I can’t loose my focus right now because there’s a lot more to come.


I don’t know if I’m saying this right or will just end-up pissing people off but this is the only way I know to say what I feel right now, flame me if you will.


To end I would like to give my deepest sympathy to the British family who lost a loved one in this incident and to say a thank you to the families of the wounded, and the British people as a whole, for supporting us at this time. You have always stood shoulder to shoulder with us in some of our hardest times and I hope you continue to do so.


Joe Hodges

HQ/ACC A-10 Maintaince Liasion



BTW this is not meant for anyone here I just posted it on all the forums I visit so everyone knows where I'm coming from.

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Well said Dice, and in no way is that a cop out. Being in the same position on current affairs, there are things I can't openly discuss either. This is the way it goes, and for many logical reasons. In my opinion it is also quite educated not to just jump on the wagon with no proper intelligence on the situation as a whole. As we all know that only leads to more trouble than anything.

I share the same opinion, in that I support all of our men and women who serve their country, but that I cannot support neglegence. And if indeed neglegence was the case, I'm positive the Air Force will remedy the situation at hand in an appropriate manner

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if indeed neglegence was the case, I'm positive the Air Force will remedy the situation at hand in an appropriate manner


It's been called the fog of war,and we All know there are humans behind the stick(or trigger)accidents WILL happen,and WILL be investigated....in the case of a plane,the pilot has a lot of things to do at the same time...but yes if negligence is found to be the cause the offender will be dealt with...but by same coin,a lot of folks talk about it being this or that fault,most times those are the very same folks that have no clue as to what DOES go on...

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