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Good question. Gmax is no longer available for download (from Autodesk. I did find something called Gmax along with Turbo Squid. I've

downloaded the package and it's from Discreet, which the Readme indicates is a division of Autodesk. Interesting.)


3DMax is quite expensive for the casual modeler, but in the past, others that had the software were able to help make a model from the Gmax

files. Autodesk is offering 3DMax in a trial version, but that means a time limit and/or limited functionality.


I recall in the past, gamers with Gmax could have others with 3DMax complete the build, so perhaps there's still a way....


Course I could be totally off base :)



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Also, though the site isn't updated any longer, the Video Tutorials on using 3DMax on McFly Aviation

are pretty good:




I believe there are other resources available on the forums that may be more recent you can

search out and go over.


Also, for some ideas and aircraft views, this webpage wasn't a bad place to start for info:



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I've just started using GMax to model planes for SF and I found the video tutorials very helpful. I don't know whether you have any 3D experience - I didn't have any - but you might want to prepare yourself for some frustrating moments :)


Go here for a bunch of tutorials on moddeling aircraft (both Gmax as well as FSDS stuff).


You should also check McFly's for TK's exporting notes, as it contains information on animation and linking parts.


Regarding GMax: What I understand is that Gmax models may be exported (with some plugins - see the McFly site) in a format readable by 3D Studio, so you should be able to model the plane in GMax and then have some with 3D Studio import your plane and export it in the SF format.

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It's always seemed like 3DSM was the way to go in terms of building models for anything but I have to warn you (as I was warned) that it can be a big, complex beast! I gave up shortly after I started learning it, but I didn't have anyone helping me out. Those links above will definately help you out, but be prepared to spent a lot of time (and a shirtload of patience) learning it.


As for getting a copy, ebay's a good way to go... sometimes. I've known a few people who've nabbed a relatively cheap copy from there. But you'll get a big bugger of a discount if you're a student, or using it as part of a course.

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