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  1. I love it ! Star Wars and Strike Fighters ? The ultimate combination.
  2. My rough and ready decals on the A-4K ..many thanks to Spinners for is tuition !!
  3. T-33A HAF V.2

    Well done mate , all mods welcomed !
  4. Ha ha ha , no worries mate.Just made the REAL file that much more appreciated
  5. Hi Spinners,just downloaded your Red arrows F6 but when I extract it the folders are empty ???

    1. Spinners


      Yep. Just woke up to the news that I am officially a clot.

  6. Look what happens when you have the idea of a high viz range target !
  7. Pak-Fa

    Looks amazing !
  8. Thanks all , finally got there !!!
  9. When I try to open the Kfir_C2 ini. with Mue's lod viewer I get a "could not load LOD" message ?
  10. Sotty , but how do I view the LOD when it can't be extracted ? I have tried to use mue's excellent tools but don't know how to view an un-extractable lod ?
  11. Hi all,anyone know how/where I can find the SF-2 Kfir_C-2.LOD files ? I want to have an agressor KFIR but don't know where to locate the registration number decals
  12. looking for a GAZ

    No sign of any GAZ WW2 "jeep" over on "that site"
  13. 100% mate,can't wait for this awesome beast !

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