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  1. Looking to fill the aggressor requirement for USAF ,USN and possibly NATO customers , private companies investigated the purchase of modified JF-17 Thunder fighters . The US government agreed to the private purchase on condition that a US engine and avionics were fitted,and that no "live" weapons could be carried . The modified jet was known as the A-17 .
  2. It's going to be great when it get's here ! Been waiting years for this baby...
  3. Love it ! Are you going to release it ???
  4. I'd say strap on in ! The series is not designed for the pure flight sim experience , but for the " get home from work ,switch on the pc and go fly / kill things" experience it is hard to beat. As for cost, look at all the wonderful free stuff on this amazing sight freely donated by amazingly talented modders,where else are you going to get so much varied additions for free ?
  5. I have been waiting for a couple of years for this beauty to arrive. However, I can see the awesome amount of work going into the project and the stunning results are mind blowing. I have nothing but admiration for all those super talented modders freely giving the fruits of their labours to the community. I only wish I had a small fraction of their abilities to create something of my own.
  6. I'm no skinner I'm afraid,just very basic mods for me !
  7. oops , first pic is clearly 74 squadron...sorry !
  8. Gripen FGR1 of 63 squadron , RAF off to the range,
  9. Hi folks,anyone know how to change an ini to give an aircraft asymmetrical loadouts (eg amraam on one F16 wingtip and aim9x on the other) without having to edit loadout ini ?
  10. F-14A VF-110 Firebirds, Top Gun

    Love this skin, just need VF-25 for Iceman....
  11. Anyone know where the Su-33 mentioned can be downloaded ?
  12. I feel the need.....

    And here are the bad guys to be fair ...
  13. As the sequel is now filming , I thought I'd remind the US Navy what a real fighter looked like...

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