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  1. Bit the bullet and re-loaded.Zipped up all the mod files though so will be able to update fairly quickly
  2. I had feared as much,last download were the two KC-10 mods but I removed both and it made no difference...ah well hat's lost is lost !!
  3. Hi all,My SF2 has now decided to stop loading after the initial loading screen.it goes black then I can only get out by restarting the pc.I have updated drivers after the issue and have tested SF2 europe from the same folder and it works fine.In desperation I re-installed SF2 from the full install via thirdwire but the problem persists.I am guessing that as my original mods folder is still extant the problem is in there somewhere ???? Do I have to delete all from the mods folders,re-install and start from scratch ???
  4. SF2_DC-117D.7z Beta

    Stunning ! A great deal of work has gone into this bird and it is awesome. I love the fire extinguisher !!! Thank you Russouk2004 for your effort in bringing this glorious mod to our sim.Get it ,you won't be disappointed.
  5. I think you'll find that LGB's are only used on the C.7 variant ?
  6. Check your messages Ully
  7. There are skin templates in the excellent RAAF buccaneer pack by SHERIFF001 and SEAC decals can be found in the decals pack by the ever helpful spinners in the "templates" section.Create away !
  8. What could have happened if the Ark had been deployed as the UK contribution to Vietnam...operation "Paddy".
  9. Nice one Russo...
  10. RAF Stratofortress B4 of 16 Squadron
  11. Ha ha,size matters !
  12. Yeah,but your's is a darned site better than mine mate !
  13. Stand in conversion from Veltro2K's E-767 with acesfakia's MESA radar added.Decals from daddyairplane's E3D .
  14. Ully,your health is the most important thing. I for one,am always grateful for the amazing work of modders like yourself freely given to those of us who lack your talents. Keep safe and continue your recovery!

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