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  1. Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UCAV

    Beautiful work ! Another stunning addition from the maestro .
  2. SF2 Mescalero Proving Grounds Part 3

    Where do we find the navPac for the Skyray ?
  3. New colour...same result ! I think the original jets were light grey but appeared blue-grey in the sunlight...that's my excuse anyway
  4. It's not in the F-86 "hunters" pack and I have the Mig 15 which has NK markings....I don't have your uploaded T'streak and i download pretty much everything posted ! Maybe it was in an older pack you have updated and replaced ?
  5. how's this ? must be lucky as I made it home in this state !
  6. nope,I think my attempt has the correct markings and is nearer the colour of the original Only jesting as I know who the REAL talents are on this site and I ain't one of them !
  7. Casey Jones and friend out on the prowl !
  8. Two M109A2 howitzer models

    Another digital masterpiece from the maestro !
  9. Great to see such a talent back , but look after yourself first and foremost !
  10. Chengdu J-10 operated by Paran and flown by 1 squadron "Scimitars" primarily in the air to air role and 2 squadron "Red Devils,3 squadron "Desert Sharks" and 4 squadron "Red Cobras" primarily in the air to ground role.
  11. I ,for one,enjoy watching a master's progress !
  12. Realising that the majority of ACM was subsonic, the US Navy decided not to update it's aging F-5 fleet and instead purchased Hawk 200's as replacements. Agile and radar equipped these proved very successful and squadrons were also given a small number of T-45 Goshawks for training and pilot currency. These were also agile but lacked radar and were generally operated in mixed fleets with their single seat counterparts. The Hawk 200 had American radars and ECM fitted and were known in service as F-25 Sparrow Hawks...
  13. F-22A Raptor Add-on

    A beautiful model with great skins.I have 3 questions though,is the RCS enhancer a permanent fixture ? and why do the inner pylons and rails show up even when there is nothing loaded on them ? I am unable to load the Aim-9X and it doesn't appear even when in set loadout/year ? Still a most welcome replacement for the original raptor !
  14. How is the TB-2 project going ? Any sign of a release yet ?

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