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  1. Hi all,is there aproblem loading decals on this bird ? I have only been able to replace the insignia and can't get anything else to show up ?
  2. TU-160 Blackjack

    Great work,a huge thank you to all those involved .
  3. Img002 shows original Hawk FGR1 , Img003 shows Hawk FGR2 upgrade (added EF200 Typhoon Pilot , avionics, cockpit, radar and weapons . thanks as always to spinners for his advice.
  4. Hey spinners,how did you sort out the droptanks ? When I tried to use grey coloured versions they keep showing up black .Original camo versions are fine though !
  5. Always had a soft spot for this little bird.....
  6. If only......UK ordered a phantom replacement in the form of F-14B's .
  7. As always,brilliant advice from all you super helpful modders.Thanks for all your inouot and I'll be giving it a go when I get a minute .
  8. Used Spinners Lightning56 as a start, then added EF2000 Typhoon avionics ,missile racks from pay ware F-14Z(inspired by F15EX - thanks to Tempest II) , used TW F6 skins and played with the loadout.Simple modding stuff as I'm no expert !
  9. After the Tornado ADV was stillborn due to cost and development issues , the legendary Lightning was given new avionics & weapons and replacement cannon (Bk.27)….yeah,I know it's far fetched but I love this old bird !
  10. Hi modders, is there a tutorial available on making serial numbers/registration number decals ???
  11. MiG-29UB 9-51 Series

    A very welcome addition, skillfully made .Thank you !(have a sugar cube )
  12. Already looking fantastic,can't wait to hunt these with a QRA Typhoon !
  13. A glimpse at the near future ???
  14. No offense intended mate,that was a famous one liner about said battle station....
  15. Pak-Fa

    Be patient, it's coming to SF-2 faster than it is to the Russian Air Force !

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