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  1. Hi folks,anyone know how to change an ini to give an aircraft asymmetrical loadouts (eg amraam on one F16 wingtip and aim9x on the other) without having to edit loadout ini ?
  2. F-14A VF-110 Firebirds, Top Gun

    Love this skin, just need VF-25 for Iceman....
  3. Anyone know where the Su-33 mentioned can be downloaded ?
  4. I feel the need.....

    And here are the bad guys to be fair ...
  5. As the sequel is now filming , I thought I'd remind the US Navy what a real fighter looked like...
  6. Hi all, wondered if any of you super modders out there were working on an updated F-35C ?
  7. After the 1982 Falklands war, Argentina discovered vast Oil reserves close to it's coast.The USA was keen to repair relations and helped with the development of Argentina's ACA 90.As well as technical advice and many components from the F18 series , the US backed a lease deal for private contractors to supply a replacement aggressor aircraft to supplement it's own fleet.......
  8. Hi mate , I added decal 5 based on the info from the lod viewer but nothing shows.. Decals.ini
  9. I've tried the lod viewer and the decals still won't appear.Original post does mention "unless If you make skin need,Please not use decal.ini" Can anyone shed any light on this issue ???
  10. Want to add decals and customise for the "real world" can someone explain why I can't use the decal ini ?
  11. A couple of 63 squadron Raptor FGR1's at Red Flag. When the UK acrimoniously left the Eurofighter consortium due to cost over runs and delays, they looked to their old ally for help .They got a knock down price on the Raptor as it kept the production line open whilst the troubled F-35 programme slowly ground to a halt. The USAF were able to kill the F-35 off and purchase more Raptors .Improvements for the UK included the integration of Paveway IV ,Brimstone and storm shadow weapons as well as the JHCMS helmet.
  12. Thanks Yakarov, I'll give that a go
  13. Hi to the greatest modding community in the skies. I am keen to add decals to the old x-02 wyvern model but have no idea how to identify mesh names to locate them.Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Upgraded Typhoon FGR5 with CFT's and AESA radar.

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