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  1. Wrench , I most definitely follow your drift.
  2. There wasn't meant to be a link.File not ready yet but if there is any demand I'll upload it when proper credits have been included in readme ?
  3. For your amusement I present the BAE Thunder FGR1.Following Britain's Brexit debacle, BAE were force to withdraw from the EF2000 Typhoon and look further afield for aviation partners. Obtaining a licence to build the initial J-10 from China with British avionics , weapons and an uprated EJ200 engine developed by rolls Royce, the low cost jet became the Thunder FGR1 in RAF service…. StrikeFighters2 Nellis.exe
  4. EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon "BETA" Pack

    Where did the refueling probe vanish ? the doors open but no probe in sight ???
  5. Folks,have been on my holidays but will look into uploading when I have located the correct contributors for the read me file...
  6. Maverick has a new bird...

    Hi folks,got these from the web and have posted in the hope of someone talented will make a skin...
  7. Okay skinners,here is Maverick's new bird..anyone going to make a skin ?
  8. I can mail you the zip file direct if you like ?
  9. In response to the ever increasing market for private companies to supply training support , TADS looks to build on the success of the Mirage F1 programme by purchasing redundant Mirage2000 and 2000B fighters.These are quickly in service after being re-engined with the Pratt & Whitney F100 PW-229 to increase performance. ... Thanks to those who answered my question on pylon removal ,I take NO credit for any skins or files used as all are borrowed from various sources on the site and adapted by me using my extremely limited skill set. In memory of The One and Only Dennis..The True Mirage Master.
  10. I restored the original data.ini then tried again and it worked ! Thanks all for your input .
  11. Don't know why but nothing works when following the guidance for the single seater , the 2000B works fine though .Would it be related to the model itself ?
  12. SF2 USAF F-35 redux

    Well if your F-35A is anything to goby it will be stunning .
  13. Hi oh wise and wonderful modders,I am converting a Mirage 2000 as a follow up agressor to the Mirage F1.I don't seem to be able to delete the fuselage and inner wing pylons despite removing them from the dat and loadout inis.Can anyone advise how I can delete them ??? (The mod would be for my own use initially but would be happy to share withal once relevant permissions obtained.
  14. KC-135 Skinpack 3: Late 1980s

    Who's the daddy ! Excellent work as always from a top modder.
  15. SF2 USAF F-35 redux

    Beautifully done mate, fingers crossed the B & C will follow !

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