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  1. The Afterburner Mod

  2. Enhanced Cloud Top Layer

  3. thanks to all of those who replied , I'm sure I'll get tanked up in no time !
  4. Miscellaneous

  5. Greetings all you clued up SF veterans.I have downloaded the old SF1 F-5A and F-5C to use until someone finishes their SF2 update (I recall one was under construction some years ago ??).My problem is drop tanks.I cannot get the wing tip or pylon mounted tanks to show.I have edited the loadout and data inis to include them (as per FASTCARGO's F-5B) but they won't show on the screen in spite of appearing on the loadout screens.I would appreciate any help with this as to me the wing tip tanks in particular are a must for this bird.
  6. Indian Flanker on low level strike .
  7. Low viz F-14B UK... And Soviet copied F-14A...
  8. Seems to have been set for the x-02 Wyvern ?

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