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  1. Hey spinners,do you still have nay of your RN and RAF skins for the Vigilante kicking  around ? would love to nab them for my British Vigilante project...

  2. Also,I was using Julhelm's RA-5C Block 10 and another A5B both of which were ported from SF-1 ?
  3. I have the A5A v 3.0 loaded which wont give me an option to load anything in the linear bay on the loadout screen and appears with the "empty tube" bomb bay when flown (the pack does contain the original Weapons)
  4. EB-52 megafortress or up and coming B-52J ?
  5. Hi all, I can't get the linear bomb bay to carry the nuclear store train. I see the latest RA-5C uses fake pilot for the fuel tank option but I really want the nuke option. Anyone know how to get this working in SF-2 ?
  6. A-5A v3.0 for SF2

    I've always loved this bird,however when I loaded it the linear bomb bay does not work.All I get is the empty space where the store train should be ???
  7. An awesome list mate. The huge amount of work you and your fellow super skilled modders put in for us mere mortals to download is simply staggering and I for one am unable to find the words to thank this amazing community !
  8. WOW !! What a fantastic idea to upgrade all models with , brilliant mate !!!
  9. FFR-41 Mave

    How do you switch off those "light up" markings that appear when you light the afterburners ???
  10. You need the thirdwire cat extractor , search the knowledge base for more details, I'll try to aend you the link when I get home tomorrow night.
  11. Hi folks,this is my quick 'n dirty conversion of the RA-5C to a fleet defence / attack platform. A/G loadouts in progress and some skinning work needed !
  12. Did this work,if so could you send details to me ?
  13. Tornado GR.1

    Brilliant,thank you and thanks for your beautifully made versions of the Mighty Fin !
  14. Tornado GR.1

    I don't seem to be able to select the CBLS stores ???

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