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  1. A late arrival for the much delayed USAF light attack contest. Produced by Boeing under licence and using US electronics ,systems, weapons and using 2x 30MM_M230 Chain guns ...
  2. I would recommend membership fees for this magnificent addition alone. I don't think It's t too much to ask for financial support for the upkeep of this amazing site and all it's magnificent downloads .You also get access to an amazing support network of super skilled modders.
  3. Thanks for the reply Menrva , I meant no criticism of this great add on and hope you were not offended by the question.I just wanted to know If I could use the Apache to open the conflict and now I know .
  4. IS there any particular reason why some nations and a lot of planes are unflyable ? I have figured out hot to fly them but don't want to ruin any upcoming surprises....
  5. Thanks Yakarov ! any idea what the feature was supposed to do ?
  6. I have discovered a small issue which I have nit figured out how to fix. There appears to be a "fake pilot" on both the A-10 and OA-10 as you can see from the attached shots his feet protrude from centre of the aircraft's belly .I cannot see what is missing from the "pilot" folder which is causing this problem.Any ideas ?????
  7. Ilyushin Il-78 "Midas"

    Tanks a lot ! Nice job.
  8. Mentor T-34A-B.7z

    Lovely work, skins are works of art !!!!
  9. Wow ! A stunning piece of work . Many thanks to all involved for this timeous addition, it's simply magnificent.
  10. Have a look here :Wierd sinking planes - Thirdwire: Strike Fighters 2 Series - Mods & Skinning Discussion - CombatACE
  11. New build Pucara variant with uprated engines, weapons and sensors, strengthened airframe with extensive use of composites, Chaff/Flare dispensers , defensive IR missiles and IFR capability. The four nose mounted machine guns have been removed and the 20mm cannon replaced with 30MM GIAT30's , the machine gun troughs are retained and used to channel cool air to the avionics bays. Sadly my limited skills prevent the reworking of the engines/props and I have used "fake pilot" method for additional pylons/sensors so they do not change colour to match skins....
  12. If you're looking for unusual Mentor schemes...
  13. Yeah,clearly 106 sqn IDF
  14. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
  15. What if the UK selected the Convair 201 for the Royal Navy instead of the Phantom....smaller,lighter and cheaper but almost as capable the design was licence built by BAC as the Mako and used an Olympus engine.....

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