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  1. Kidney stones, anyone?

    Had them 3 times. Managed to pass them on all occasions, but oh man. Supposedly the closest thing a man will know to childbirth :) I ended up in the hospital on saline and Demerol IV's which definitely made the world a much better place and took the pain away. Also, lots of water and cranberry juice to help clear things up, and probably as much water on a daily basis as you can handle to help keep them away. Steve
  2. O/T Kidney Stones--Not Fun!

    Prop-Wasche - Get better soon. I've had stones three times in my life, so I can sympathize on the pain. Yeah, I've heard that they're about the closest thing a man can experience to childbirth, which makes me think it's amazing we are even on this planet! :) For me, they used Demerol though the IV, and once that hit, the world became a wonderful place again. Thankfully, I passed the stones on all occasions without any noticeable pain afterwards. Also, whatever painkiller they give you that works, if it ever happens again, make sure they use it! Second time for me I found out they didn't use Demerol when the pain came back full intensity 20 minutes later. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper! Good luck! Steve
  3. Also, though the site isn't updated any longer, the Video Tutorials on using 3DMax on McFly Aviation are pretty good: http://www.bobsyouruncle.net/StrikeFighter3dModeling.htm I believe there are other resources available on the forums that may be more recent you can search out and go over. Also, for some ideas and aircraft views, this webpage wasn't a bad place to start for info: http://www.simviation.com/designresources....ine%20Resources
  4. Good question. Gmax is no longer available for download (from Autodesk. I did find something called Gmax along with Turbo Squid. I've downloaded the package and it's from Discreet, which the Readme indicates is a division of Autodesk. Interesting.) 3DMax is quite expensive for the casual modeler, but in the past, others that had the software were able to help make a model from the Gmax files. Autodesk is offering 3DMax in a trial version, but that means a time limit and/or limited functionality. I recall in the past, gamers with Gmax could have others with 3DMax complete the build, so perhaps there's still a way.... Course I could be totally off base :) Steve
  5. True enough. The amount of information on this forum should make 5 posts fairly easy to get to. Even if it's simple comments :)
  6. Community Announcement

    A bit annoying, I agree, but I've been on other forums that won't even let you post until you've posted in a "hello" section :)

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