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  1. Realising that the majority of ACM was subsonic, the US Navy decided not to update it's aging F-5 fleet and instead purchased Hawk 200's as replacements. Agile and radar equipped these proved very successful and squadrons were also given a small number of T-45 Goshawks for training and pilot currency. These were also agile but lacked radar and were generally operated in mixed fleets with their single seat counterparts. The Hawk 200 had American radars and ECM fitted and were known in service as F-25 Sparrow Hawks...
  2. F-22A Raptor Add-on

    A beautiful model with great skins.I have 3 questions though,is the RCS enhancer a permanent fixture ? and why do the inner pylons and rails show up even when there is nothing loaded on them ? I am unable to load the Aim-9X and it doesn't appear even when in set loadout/year ? Still a most welcome replacement for the original raptor !
  3. Just for fun as I am well aware that the real NAF23 proposal was a major change to the prototype design....
  4. How is the TB-2 project going ? Any sign of a release yet ?
  5. I believe that mod is still under test ....?
  6. Angel Interceptor V.1.0 - What If Hangar - CombatACE
  7. Lightning f.53dh 1974/1987 "Super Lightning" - Dhimar

    Two of my original Dhimar Lightnings...then two of my Dhimar Super Lightnings with your skins and my decals ...very nice ! I have EF2000 based avionics in my later version
  8. Lightning f.53dh 1974/1987 "Super Lightning" - Dhimar

    great minds think alike...
  9. NF-5A_RNLAF_Ver1.0.7z

    Exquisite , hopefully sophocles will complete the family......
  10. Chengdu J-10AR "Ehécatl"

    Nicely done ! A good skin for an old model.
  11. The Single seater is still available in SF-1 downloads SAIA90 Mirlo (Public Preview) - Fictional Aircraft, Experimental and UAV's - CombatACE doesn't take much to get it working in SF-2.
  12. Twin Bofors 375mm anti submarine rocket launchers can be seen here. https://www.maritimequest.com/warship_directory/indonesia/fatahilah_361/kri_fatahilah_361_page_2.htm
  13. Martin B-51 Dh B , non-afterburning J-79 engine's , nose mounted targeting sensors and 4 wing pylons. 4 foremost cannon removed to make way for the new avionics.
  14. Martin B-51Dh Desert Panther , 1 squadron , Dhimari Air Force
  15. many players enjoy "what if" scenarios , so I for one think it would be most welcome. Can I also add how much your amazing additions are appreciated , you make beautiful items to order in such a short time . Thank you !
  16. thanks that's great
  17. Does anyone know how many 2 seat vipers Top Aces bought in their 29 airframes? and also if the registrations follow in sequence after N854TA ?
  18. Thanks for the info, I was aware of it as I monitor THE DRIVE also. Will have to wait and see if any more registrations are declared !
  19. "Say Halo to my little friend"....
  20. Dhmiar's ambitious F-4 upgrade.....CFT's, integral ECM, Hornet avionics & cockpit, amrram /Aim-9X compatible ...P&W F100 engines...
  21. SF2 Bell TH1-L Huey Remod Pack

    A very colourful huey, great work as always...

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