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Peter Brooks

Changing Planes in Missions

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I'm sure there must have been a thread on this before but how do you insert new planes into stock missions. Or how do you use th stock missions for creating new ones with specific add on aircraft in them??

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I think u find it in the MANUAL of FE on Side 6 in the Hangarreadme.

Here it is:


The Hangar Screen is your pre-flight area. From this area you can review the mission briefing, alter your aircraft’s

ordnance loadout, view and adjust your mission waypoints, and select a pilot for the mission. The main Hangar

Screen shows the mission briefing. Along with your squadron and aircraft information, it also displays the current

date (in game time). Planned takeoff, target arrival and landing times for the mission appear as well in 24-hour

military time.

The Hangar Screen contains five buttons, three of which activate subscreens.



Takes you to the Loadout Screen where you can adjust weapon loadout for

your aircraft. You can also customize your aircraft’s appearance in the Loadout

area and, in some mission types, select the type of aircraft you want to fly.

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If you mean the missions you choose from "Load Mission" screen, the data is in game's Missions folder. .msn files are perfectly readable with Notepad - just copy one, open and replace plane types of flights with the ones you like. :biggrin:

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