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ATI Catalyst Problems

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Decided to update drivers for my vid card(9800Pro 256meg) from 6.12 to latest update(7.2 Cat. Suite).

Nothing but problems, wasn't getting complete install, no shortcut for CCC, so no access at all for control

panel plus getting error messages after install of upgrade. Did an un-install/re-install of ATI 7.2 software

package twice with same negative results. Suspected possible "corrupted DL", so I DL'd another copy of

the 7.2 package from ATI, went thru' entire procedure again, results were same as stated above.



Un-installed 7.2 and installed the 7.1 package. Every thing went fine untill I opened the control panel. Kept

getting the following error message:


an unhandled exception has occured in your application......


Font 'Arial' doesn't support style 'Regular'


Went thru' the entire un-install/ re-install deal with the same results.



Said the hell with it and decided to go back to the 6.12 package which I hadn't had any problems with.

I am now getting the same error message when I'm in the CCC as I did with the 7.1 package.



I have always upgraded with the full Catalyst Software Suite in the past and this is the first time

that I have run into problems.I have no idea what that error message means and why I'm now having

"issues" with the older driver suite(6.12) that I didn't have before. I haven't done any hardware

upgrades in the past year('cause I haven't needed to) and am currant as far as OS,DX9,etc.

Any one have any ideas on this??

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Have you gone into Device Manager and completely deleted the old drivers before installing the new. This has always been the way that I have done my driver updates for my 9800 Pro All-in-Wonder, and my X1900XTX.


This would be advisable.

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Hi Guys... this has to be a quick one,


I have Net2.0+2.0 SP1, my 9800Pro isn't the AIW version.

As per ATI instructions, I un-install all ATI software prior to installing new.

One note on un-installing the old ATI stuff, didn't see the DAO program in the

ADD/Remove list, this is supposed to be deleted along with all the old ATI software

before installing new. Also, I go into the control panel and also check my C(Main)

drive to make sure the old ATI stuff is gone,then install the new software.

Before I shut down last night I cleaned everything out again and installed just

the new drivers. Thats where I'm at for now with this.

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