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Guest capun

SPAD VII C.I Released

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Guest capun

The SFP1 Dev A-Team (capun, CB, Charles, Kesselbrut & The Wrench) present the SPAD VII C.I




Please read the installation instructions carefully, specially the Designer Notes.




Model by capun, Textures by Gramps, FM & Sound by Charles, Virtual Cockpit textures by Kesselbrut, Hangar & Loading Screen by The Wrench.


Model based on the Wings of War source file and textures by Silver Wish Games/Illusion Software and provided by Radek Navratil.


Many thanks to all devs who contributed to this project. Please read the Installation instructions file for a complete list of contributors.


Registered Site Users can get it here











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Whoa! Most excellent! Been hoping this plane would make an appearance in FE. Thank you for all the work fellas, its MUCH appreciated. :yes: :good:

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All your plane are for great interest for me!!

But i can d/l them from your site-I put the username and password i use in combat-Ace

without success-I don't see how it is possible to register ?

How can I do ?


have a good WE

ant thanks for you reply




(newbye in FE)

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good my english not so verry much.


also i try to get this wurks for fe

but now account is good not mine

says me some things.


? is people for this site allows

this spacing for ads and other sites


more lucky am i have connect this place

to see all this things for my

simulator but not understands how

to see something here this place

and not for make a valid me


? posting i make here if

not then no posting for a

registration people.


? am confusioning this place me.


?how is u only do this.


thanks so many people this site is top with me



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Guest capun



The downloads are only available to registered users



You need to send me an email to capun1950 (at) Yahoo (dot) com


This is the standard request reply



It may take a few days to process your user request


The Team will need to approve your request, it should take about a day for an answer.


Check your initial mail for:


The instructions are to provide your first and last name, forum username(s), City & State/Country.


For free mail services (hotmail, GMail, etc), we require the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

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Did I hear SPAD XII? :crazy: :crazy:

As I learned recently 12's airframe was used for 13 so they are more alike than 12&7 :wink:

What 12 mod really needs is a twisted cockpit.. :rolleyes:

Maybe I'll remove the my VII conversion from package since it's pretty lame :biggrin:

Edited by Gr.Viper

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Hmmm....Funny I always thought that the XII was basically a VII with a cannon. Upon further investigation thats not quite right. :biggrin:


Actually the S XII and S XIII seem to have been separate developments built around the new 208hp Hispano Suiza engine.




There are also differences in the profiles of the XII and XIII. The XII had a forward sweep to the upper wing and the XIII looks a little larger in girth.




I guess to be 100% accurate we need a new model for the XII. For now either would suffice, IMHO. :biggrin:


BTW, Gr. Viper, I hope you will accept your recent invitation... :wink:

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