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Editing *.sav missions

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Hallo folks,


is there a way in Lomac to edit "saved staes" files ( i.e. *.sav )?


What i want to do is to create a complete scenario with some objectives, all defences, veicles and air groups. Then complete the mission abjectives in different times: I start flying a SEAD mission against defences....then i back home, I save the state of the mission (to save the fact thet i destroied those defences) and then i set up another attack mission or a fighter sweep etc....till i finally reach all mission objectives.


In other words i want to reproduce the "rank general" mission editing feature available in Flanker 1.5


For what i see is not possible to edit a .sav file....maybe someone did a special utility for this?


Thank U



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No unfortunately not. If you're trying to do something special, then you have to make sure all elements are in place and working. Tough job but impossible given the coding of the sim.

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