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FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 Patch Released!

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It's here! Just finished it up today. :D


Here's the readme (And please actually read it):


**FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 Patch**


This is a small Patch to fix some issues in FS-WWI Plane Pack 3. While not all the issues were fixed, a majority of them were. Also, a new aircraft was added, the Albatros B.II. It is far enough in the completion stage to be added to Plane Pack 3. Expect another patch in the future addressing some more bugs and model tweaks.


To Install: Extract to your main Fighter Squadron folder. When you are done, please add the following line to your keyboard.inp file (Located where you installed the latest Wings with Wires Patch) under the section 'Other flight controls':


cmdSetBrakes = Bounce B


The above line is for the brake stick on the Albatros B.II. To edit the Keyboard.inp file, open it up in Wordpad and re-save (Be sure however that you DON'T re-save it as a word document!!)


Add-ons that are required/not required:


You MUST have the FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 installed

You MUST have FS-WWI Nations installed.

You MUST have the Full Somme Terrain installed.

You MUST have the official Parsoft 1.5 patch installed.

You MUST have the latest Wings with Wires Patch installed.


How to uninstall:


A file called 'Uninstall FSWWI PP3 Patch.exe' gets placed in your Fighter Squadron folder when you install the FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 Patch. To uninstall, simply double-click this file and follow the instructions.


The following is the list of fixes:


-Fixed numerous explosive and damage values with ground units

-Fixed Sopwith Pup 'Final Fury' mission

-Fixed Sopwith Pup's main panel mapping and normals

-Fixed incorrect aircraft speeds in Etrich A-II Taube and Bleriot XI 'Air-to-Air Combat' missions.

-Fixed "Mission Complete" at Fokker Dr.1a 'Balloon Busting' mission start

-Fixed Nieuport 11 'Air-to-Air Combat' mission

-Fixed a CTD problem when the Fokker Dr.1a would explode and cause a CTD

-Fixed "Mission Complete" at Albatros D.Va 'Balloon Busting' mission start

-Fixed squadron and terrain selection for Fokker Dr.1a vs Sopwtih Camel(4) mission

-Fixed Etrich A-II Taube CTD on mission start with Patch

-Fixed bad shading on the Etrich A-II Taube's VStab and rudder

-Fixed SPAD V.II incorrect ammo count

-Fixed bad normals on the Bleriot XI and Bristol Scout joystick

-Fixed Moska Bis bad fuse and rudder normals, tweaked textures and fixed DM coding

-Fixed Pfalz FM code issues

-Fixed Ca.33 bent prop texture, and fast prop texture

-Fixed SPAD V.II left elevator shading problem

-Fixed B.E.2c engine front mapping, shading and enhanced the textures

-Added new Hangar pic for Sopwith Camel

-Added new Hangar pic for Sopwith Triplane

-Added Sopwith Camel skin by greytop

-Added Bleriot XI cockpit

-Added Albatros B.II, plus some more DM and FM code tweaks ontop of Beta 2

-Added 1024x1024 texture support to the Albatros D.I

-Increased starting height in Fokker Dr.1a 'Jasta Flight Air-to-Air Combat' mission

-Tuned down Nieuport 11 FM

-Tuned up Nieuport 17c1 FM


Thanks to:


-I would like to thank the FS-WWI community as a whole. Without your talents and skills none of this would be possible! I would also like to thank each and every one of you for your input, no matter how big or small.

-Sv for his web hosting of FS-WWI files.

-wakeup tailgunner for some WWI model fixes, and modeling help.

-Razer for some WWI model fixes, and modeling help.


Legal Disclaimer:


THIS ADD-ON IS NOT SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION OR PARSOFT. Please do NOT ask Activision or Parsoft for technical (or non-technical) support or information regarding this add-on "FS-WWI Plane Pack 3". They have no affiliation with this add-on whatsoever. If you are experiencing problems with this add-on or would like to comment or have a question, please contact me by e-mail (ArgonV@AOL.com), or post a message at www.openplanesims.com . If you are experiencing trouble, I will do my best to help and get you going, but please be aware that I cannot be held responsible in any way for any damage caused to your computer and/or its software or anything else as a result of downloading and/or installing this Pack. Apart from being extensively tested by myself, it has also been tested extensively by a panel of beta testers apart from myself prior to release with all issues found fixed or otherwise rectified and is now released in the best of faith that it is fault and bug-free.


© 2003 FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 and Plane Pack 3 Patch third-party add-on compiled by ArgonV intended for use with Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons over Europe. Base 3D models, various textures, skins, sound effects and other media in this add-on are property of their respective creators/owners. Downloading and/or installing this add-on does not imply the right for you to re-compile or modify the contents of this add-on for the purposes of profit or re-compiling and re-downloading by others. This add-on maybe freely distributed provided it is kept in it's original form as when downloaded ("FSWWI_PlanePack3_Patch.exe"), not re-compiled in ANY way, shape or form and providing it is NOT used for profit-making purposes.


Activision is a registered trademark and Fighter Squadron: The Screamin' Demons Over Europe is a trademark of Activision, Incorporated. All rights reserved.


Parsoft is a trademark of Parsoft Interactive.


All other trademarks and names are the properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved.


Enjoy! :)




You can download it here: FS-WWI Plane Pack 3 Patch (13.5 mb)

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Guest Ranger332

rgr the site was acting twitchy before

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Argon, I will be getting WW2 Fighters, SDOE soon. I ordered it from Ebay thanks to Dagger's help. I was wondering, what sequence should I install these patches and addons once the base software, SDOE, is installed?


Also, is there any other changes I need to make to files in the game besides the B-stick one?


Thanks, pc

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Will a P3 1ghz machine with a radeon 8500 64 mbDDR video card and 512 MB PC133 ram be enough to run the 16bit textures?


I install those textures after installing the 8bit correct? They are overwritten by the 16bit?


Hopefully in the next 2 or 3 days, Ill be flyin' over the Somme, hehe. Hey, is there flak in this sim? How well does the AI pilots perform? Any significant problems with multiplayer?

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Should be fine. :) They install in extracted folders which overwrite the compressed 8 bit textures. There is flak, and the AI does ok. :)

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I can't seem to log in...

Have you created an account on the main site? Unfortunately it is a seperate database from the forums. :D

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