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Do I only need to name the part to build ot, or is there anything else to do?

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Well yes...


From the max exporter docs (if you dont have a copy leave your email address and i'll send one)


II. Aircraft Model Specific Notes

A. Mesh Hierarchy

Aircraft should have meshes for all moving and detachable parts. The hierarchy should be constructed in a logical manner so when one mesh is removed, all parts attached to it would also be removed. The following is a list of sample mesh hierarchy; the exact list would depend on the particular aircraft.










	 Pilot Body

   Pilot Head











































You need to use the child-parent linking tool in the top left of 3dsmax.


I can post screenshots of the button if you cant find it.


Cheers :)


EDIT: Had to use the code tag, pretty sweet huh :D

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so this thing is important...


Compared to the hole in the o-zone layer? Not really! :D


For strike fighters addon modding? Very much so!



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Guest Sony Tuckson

thanks Dave for being so complete......


really appreciate your help (did you have any doubt? :wink: )


'cause I like the plane and can't help in any way right now :cry:

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Just use the hierarchy tool, it's basically a linking tool where you first click on the child, then the parent. You'll see a box in the upper left in Max where there's one box with what looks like a very short chain link to another box on it's lower right. Click that first, then the child, then drag to the parent and release the mouse button. Now they should be linked. To find out hit H (brings up a selection box). Check the "Display Subtree" box down below, and now you can scroll through the model's parts to see exactly how the hierarchy is set up.


Just follow that guide above and you'll be fine. I ran into the same problem with the Prowler and felt like throwing in the towel after all that work, but once the child/parent things are setup correctly you'll be good to go.

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Hi modelling gurus :wink:


I wanted to know how do you proceed when modeling wingtip.

I'm a little bit stuck.



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thx AD, I used this method but not convinced of the result yet.

bah, doesn't matter.


Another lamer question:

How is transparency managed in the sim?

Last time I tried to map a part with a color, 50% opacity, the exporter didn't export it.

then sonny told me about the mapping with a graphic file, "opacitize" it and put the tga file in the camo folder in the game.



1) no export success (I know, again and again)

2) with the model, my 3ds max became as unstable as a linux 2.5.x kernel..... :(


any.. euh... well... idea?

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