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  1. Patch

    Check-six's forum is not dead too ;) (although little activity, I must admit)
  2. yeah, cool news, you really got high qualities 3 view drawings??? well, if you got super-mystere or mirage F-1C 3 view, I for one will be glad to have it :D
  3. ben j'ai dans l'idée de recommencer, mais je garde l'ancien modèle. Pour le moment g pas trop de tps donc... pour linux : là je suis au travail, donc une machine en dual boot (koike que winxp je l'utilise jamais ici) à la maison, faudrait que je t'envoie un photo, trop chiant à expliquer. (nb, je boote rarement linux à la maison paske je fait que du SFP1 et du 3DS chez moi)
  4. Perfect Deuces :D (happy linux user) to sonny : well, the gears, it's a sad story. Is there a 3D guru to help me with the gears? I have deformations when I clone and animate.
  5. very nice site one pb, a little bug under mozilla.
  6. oh yesss zeuf, one more time !!!! ;)
  7. june, july, arf...these J month, all the same....;)
  8. F89C???

    very nicely done plane, not a dogfighting one though ;) (I've just played an intercep mission with it, very entertainment, looking forward a pit someday).
  9. AD, do you teach SFP-1 modding??????
  10. I'm goin' to redraw those damn wings...pffff
  11. thx AD, I used this method but not convinced of the result yet. bah, doesn't matter. Another lamer question: How is transparency managed in the sim? Last time I tried to map a part with a color, 50% opacity, the exporter didn't export it. then sonny told me about the mapping with a graphic file, "opacitize" it and put the tga file in the camo folder in the game. BUT... 1) no export success (I know, again and again) 2) with the model, my 3ds max became as unstable as a linux 2.5.x kernel..... :( any.. euh... well... idea?
  12. Hi modelling gurus I wanted to know how do you proceed when modeling wingtip. I'm a little bit stuck.
  13. hi guy, The game engine read the weapondata.dat file. In order to write update in that file, you need to merge new weapons in the weapondata.ini, then open the new file with the weapon editor, then click on "save", so the weapondata.dat is updated. that's all folks.

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