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New Screens: Helo Vehicle insertions!

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Check this out. You will be able to drop vehicles into areas via helo drop. Looks cool! I can't wait to fly some of this hardware... 8)




Is it me or do the tanks and helos seem out of proportion. And I don't think a Blackhawk can lift a 60-ton tank... :lol: Actually, I just read on their forum that the tank was for demo purposes only.

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Can a BLACKHAWK seriously pick up and transport an M1A1 Tank? I might believe a Jolly Green could, but I'd love to see ingame footage of a C-130 doin a vehicle drop!!!!


Hint: Don't be under the vehicle looking up..because if you look down..you will see several circles around you, and you will be standing on the red one in the center!

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