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trouble with 3rd party terrain

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Hi all,

and hope to not create mess with this topic.

I have installed several 3rd party terrains, and followed LITERALLY ALL OF the instructions

given here:


I can use maps in Wings over Vietnam, airfields work well, but I have

a problem with my aircraft when I take off: even with no missiles and tanks,

the aircraft is very SLOW and needs more than the runway to get the proper

speed for the take off. This happens ONLY with my aircraft, since the wingman

can take off properly.

This happens with AmericaNW and AmericaNWgreen terrains.

Does anyone has the same problem, and/or can understand the reason

of this behavior and/or solutions?

I have imported other terrains like Israel2, Salomon islands, Himalaya, Falkland,

and I have NOT the same problem wiht them.

Best regards,


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I would like slightly modify my above post:

I experience the trouble aforementioned with the terrains americaNW and AE (it should be madagascar).

I have tried with several planes, both empty and loadout with tanks. IN both cases

I get extremely slow aircrafts.

To be more specific, the plane has a low acceleration on the runway, while when I take off

the speed increases as it should.

Best regards,


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That's a known isssue, caused by having an airfield listed as the first "TargetArea" entry in the targets.ini file. One fix is to renumber all the " TargetArea" entries, leaving the first entry blank, like so:





Name=Elk Airfield





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Just to let you all know, the America Northwest series of terrains has gotten an overhaul. Major Lee has the ANSpring right now, and I'm awaiting his approvel before releasing it.


The best thing is....you can use all the new stuff in ANY of the others too, by simply renaming the inis to match the terrain.


BTW, I've experienced that some problem...now I know the fix. Gonna go and re-do the targets ini for ANW series...


off to work....



kevin stein

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