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Red Flag (LOCERF) Lock On/Flaming Cliffs

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I wanted to bring to your attention one of the best community based events that I've been proud to be part of. It's called LOCERF but we're just calling it Red Flag for short. It was conceived by 159th Fudd as a way to get all the LOMAC squads and lone wolf pilots together at one time to fly in one huge three hour mission. There are two sides, one red the other blue. Fudd assigns lone wolf pilots and squadrons to one side or the other and hosts the planning of the missions on the 159th Guards website. Ventrilo and Teamspeak are used for comms and there are different channels for each flight as well as a way to transmit on "guard" or across all channels. Red Flag has been held a total of three times with the next one in mid-September. Our squadron has flown all three and I can't tell you how amazing it is to fly with all these great pilots. What really got me deep down was how immersive it was to hear your CAP fighters speaking to you clearing you in hot. I'll probably always remember the first time I heard Jabog 32 calling on guard channel in that classic German accent "Monster Flight, cleared in hot in the box. We have the airspace". Amazing is too tame a word at how realistic RF feels. wink.gif Different flights calling on guard that they're on finals and such, it's a far cry from some of the sterile m/p flights I've been part of.


Missions are made by different members of the community and of the three so far they've all been different. RF one required equal flights of SEAD and Strike a/c as well as CAP. RF2 was much the same but the ground targets were space farther apart and there were many more of them. RF3 had medium and short ranged SAM sites as well as large convoys that needed to be hit. There were also buildings that had to be targeted precisely (either with iron bombs or laser guided missiles) as collateral damage cost you "points".


I'd love to tell all of you which Red Flag was my favorite but I can't pick out one. I flew SEAD or Strike in all three and there was some insane flying in all of them. In RF2 3Sqn Kuky and myself flew in under the raging battle over head to strike our secondary target. I hit it with a TV guided missile. As I bugged out I got spiked by an F15 so I dumped the rest of my ordnance and pointed the nose down over the treetops, hoping to lose him in the hilly terrain. As I kept an eye on my SPO15 (RWR) I knew at which range he'd be able to fire on a fleeing target. I was flying the Su25T and I was doing 850kph on the deck. I trashed several missiles fired at me as I jinked and rolled while using plenty of rudder, all this at 30m altitude. He went guns on me and although he hit me a couple of times I ran him out of 895 rounds of 20mm. wink.gif Just about the time he ran out (and with me calling for help over guard) one of my squaddies showed up in his Mig to chase the bad man away. wink.gif


We have tracks made of each Red Flag, as well as TacView (ACMI) tracks. 159th Viper spent a huge amount of time watching the track and taking screenshots, of which I'm going to post for you here. Big thanks to Viper for his diligence, he's the "unofficial" photographer for Red Flag. These are all from RF3 and I'll post after each additional one to update this thread. biggrin.gif



Game On!













Kuky and I




Guns, Guns


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Rugg I watch the track of RF3 and wondered which mod (if any) you were using for your loadout? That was an impressive attack using the cluster bombs. May I ask what release mode / ripple timming you used??

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I was using a realistic weapons loadout that was "fixed" for 1.1x by someone else besides Shepski. Goya had an older version that was different and while Goya said there shouldn't be any problems w/the loadout I'll be working on the "official" loadout diagram for Red Flag in the future. That being said I released CCIP manually in singles. I usually drop on the first target then on every third vehicle when they're in a line like that. You get overlapping coverage.

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This is Shepski's description of the changes:

1. Stations 3 and 9 are the only stations that can carry the AGM-65 Maverick either as singles or in pairs on the outboard and bottom racks of TER(Triple Ejector Racks). 2. Stations 1 and 11 can carry the AIM-9 Sidewinder, ALQ-131 ECM pods, Mk-20, and Mk-82 iron bombs. 3. Stations 4 and 8 can carry Mk-82's on TER's. 4. Stations 4 and 8 can carry LAU-61 Hydra launchers on TER's. 5. Stations 3 and 9 can carry SUU-25 illumination flares. 6. The ability to carry Mk-20 Rockeye's on TER's has been removed. Also included in this package are several custom payloads using the new station modifications. I did not include CBU-97's to this modification due to the poor model and textures and didn't feel that they fit in with the rest of the highly detailed weapons. **Note: This modification will not alter any existing custom payloads or any payloads in any existing missions or campaigns. If a custom payload, such as those provided by Eagle Dynamics, has 3 Mk-20 or 3 AGM-65's on TER's then they will be useable. This modification only affects using the custom payload editor.


Rugg, the date for the one that will be allowed in RF is June 16, 2006. That is newer than the date you told me.


3 Mav-Ds on a TER will not be a legal loadout.

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The RF legal realistic loadout mod is here:




I suppose it needs to be mirrored so that those who have fallen from ED's good graces can download it. :biggrin:

Its not that unrealistic, with the only problem being the most inboard missile isnt authorized for use unless under extreme duress. FYI this is IguanaKing's mod, Ill post it here...FYI I believe this one attaches R-77's to the Sues. Disregard this change if you use it.


I guess someone should ask if this mod should be authorized for RF4. This one mods the missiles to where they seat properly on the Maverick stations (ie 1 outboard rail, 1 bottom rail).


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Does anyone know if there will be another op anytime in the future? I'd love to represent the 78th in a large-scale MP mission; so long as I get to fly a Sukhoi (preferably the 27, since I have the most hours in that particular model) for either side - again, preferably Ukraine or maybe Russia - I'll be happy. :yes:

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