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RAAF F-4E Package

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RAAF F-4E Package

Oz F-4E Package for SF/WoV/WoE


This is an update of nosecone's RAAF F-4E Phantom II skin set.

Having never seen this mod before, I made several unkind comments on the message boards, for which I apologized publicly. Also, as part of said apology, I'm updating the inis and pathways so it now become a simple drag/drop or copy paste operation.


As a bonus, I'm including all the ini's necessary to create an RAAF country specific version of the Phantom. All inis, and brand new -only available in this mod!- Hangar & Loading screens are included.


Amberly Rhino??? That don't sound too bad!!! :wink:


Once unzipped, you get 2 choices:


1) Add the skin to the existing F-4E in the usual manner or;

2) Create a RAAF-only version. I've included everything needed to do so.


You also get a new, Bonus Skin, "RAAFGray" Well, all it is, is the 5 texture bmps, decals ini, texture set ini for a Dark Gray Version of the skin, based off the colors used on the F-111C that's available. I just reused everything that nosecone did, since he mentioned something about the "later versions". You will be re-using the decal set provided (ie: copy into the RAAFGray folder)


There are full, detailed install instructions in the read me -- so read the cursed thing!!!. There is vitally important information about weapons loads in there. Operation years are a 'best guess', for a "What If..." aircraft.



All credit goes to nosecone; he created the decals and did all the original work in 2002. All I've done is assemble it into a cohernt package, updated to the latest standard, and create the dark gray skin. (picture not posted here, check the 'Mods and Skinning' Forum for a screenshot)




kevin stein


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