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F-4F 35th TFW George AFB

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Small point, from 74 - 78 there was no ACC, it was TAC.


Similar, but slightly different patch.


Nope, you´re wrong. ;)

Have researched over 25 Pictures of the F-4Fs from 35th TFW.

All have the patch of the 35th TFW on the intakes and

the TAC-Patch on the fin. just as on the skin. :D



i´ve done my Homeworks... ;)

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OK, so they are TAC patches.


I was thrown by the big patch in the upper left of the picture on the download page.


It is, indeed, ACC, which was derived from the TAC patch.



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If you look at www.F-4.nl you will find this:


Twelve F-4Fs were assigned the unofficial designation of TF-4F while they were being used to train Luftwaffe crews in the United States. These aircraft were later flown to Germany and restored to full F-4F operational configuration.


Serials of the F-4F:

72-1111/1119 McDonnell F-4F-52-MC Phantom (for Luftwaffe, 3701-3709)

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if you read the readme1st.txt in the file you´ll find the right infos.


Eight luftwaffe F-4F (72-1116 to 72-123) were transfered to the 35th TFW in George AFB California,

for aircrew training. They remained in the USA from 1974 to 1978. The aircrafts kept the Norm 72

livery, however, received US markings an national insignia.

to make the state-side F-4F´s available for duty in Germany, 10 F-4E aircraft were purchased in 1978 to replace

the 8 F-4F´s.



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