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Skin Loading Issues...

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...just not working for the Expansion pack. Was working fine for the original FE. I keep getting a "white plane" w/ no markings.


And I think I am doing this right as I've done it many times before. BTW, stock skins work fine using the same INI file.

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Ive had no issues with skin not being placed on the model yet and the markings should show up even if yer kite's wearing no war paint, there must be a typo in the folders name or something like that ,double check everything, or delete it and do a re copy paste

here's a screenie of the junkers D1's on an "ADDon " airfield wearing there war paint , no problems :good:



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OK - so anyone see anything wrong w/ this?


INI file excerpt:










File name = J5_Flashar_2065_17

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