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VMFA-531 is getting exceptional MP support: check it out!

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There were 11 people in Hyperlobby ready to play multiplayer.

Unfortunately, people had to leave before we could get everyone into a single server. But after solving some connection issues about 6 to 8 people were flying continuosly in dogfight mode.





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I was there, but unable to join. I think we'll be trying hamachi & HL next time as we've had success with that in the past.


Thanks for the pics Streak!

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with 11 people... we need just 5 more to have a FULL co-op session.

Unfortunately, co-op has proven to be exceptionally finicky with connection quality and/or bugs:

Some people can't fire on enemy aircraft, but can perform ground attacks.

Some people see other aircraft flying at or beneath ground level.


The higher the connection quality in terms of speed and latency, the less I have seen these problems.

Dialup suffers the most while the crappy high-latency/random bandwidth connections I am getting while staying in hotels isn't doing much better.

Maybe I will get a chance to fly online with a large group while I am home the week of Thanksgiving... I need to find out if FIOS is delivering all the performance they promised.

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