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Hope TK Sees this, it concerns the horizon in the first picture A new install of FE plus the v2 patch.



second picture with the Expansion pack 1



third pic with near clip added



With the near clip it make no diffrence horizon set near/far/or normal.


I no longer play this sim.

So TK any ideas

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One work around if your computer has the horsepower - you can edit the HorizonDistance in Flightengine.ini to 50,000+ 80000 works nice. You will probably need to adjust the FarSceneClip, FarClipDistance to a higher value than the horizon to avoid odd stuff. Pushing the horizon way out takes the fog with it.


Unfortunately this brings my in cockpit FPS down into the low teens. Out of cockpit is 40+ FPS.


Sure hope TK addresses it, as it really dampens my desire to fly. I can't use the language I really want to use to describe my disgust. Fogging the horizon at unrealistically close distances is why I could never fly RB2 or any of the Rowan sims. At low level everything is fine. But when you get above 3-4000 feet you start looking "down" at the horizon because the fog line is so near. Disorientating and totally unlike reality. This is a real step backwards.


Wonder if this was intentional to offset the FPS hit from the cockpit shadowing feature? (BTW I have all shadowing off). Or did it somehow get missed in testing? Or is it only a problem for certain video cards? (I have a NVidia 7950GT with 512 mb, and a P4, 3.6 Mhz system with 2 GB Ram - never had any problems running Third Wire sims at near max settings).


Note: I'm not sure that TK said he is looking at the horizon fog problem. I think he was replying more about the jagged blue tile at the fog line and missing terrain problem. Hope I'm wrong about this too.

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I have an ATI X1900XT 512 mb, 2.66 GHz dual x 2 (not that there is any multithreading... yet) and 3 GB RAM, so it appears not to be card related at least.


TK did mention that he is aware of the issue, since many have really voiced dislike, but as you said, what aspect of it, or whether all of it will be fixed, is unknown.


NB: thanks for the lead on trying to fix it, but if your robust system can't handle the fix without a hit to FPS, then it appears we will have to wait'n'see.

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Thanks for the reply guys looks like TK knows about this problem hope he sorts it out soon as it do's make me not want to fly this sim, and I do wish to use the EXP1 it has so much to offer.

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