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F-14D pylon fix and realistic flight frame

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F-14D pylon fix and realistic flight frame

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This is just a .ini update for the F-14D made by Typhoid, to wich i made some fixes:


-Wing spoilers work realistically*.

-Stabilizers work as roll controll too, like on the real plane.

-Wing sweep is slower.

-Weapon position fixed on the phoenix pylons.

-"Neutralized" the glove wings (the little triangular siwing wings above the intakes, since in the D version those where actually removed).

-**Added LANTIRN capability.

-**Added TARPS capability.


*This means that the plane acts (with the flight model option in hard) as it should on real life, i.e. slower roll at speeds above 400 knots, as well the spoilers won't move at such speeds.


**This were already updated by Typhoid, done by him; But since i didn't knew that update was released until a few days ago i made that fix myself. Still the credit goes to Typhoid


That's basically it. Enjoy




1.-Backup the F-14D_DATA.ini file.

2.-Paste this F-14D_DATA.ini where it should be (.../Aircraft/F-14D folder).

3.-Run the game and play with the F-14D.





THIS bit of coding stuff: Me!!!(Aleckx).

The OTHER bit of coding stuff: Typhoid.

All worked upon the basic F-14A made by:Mirage Factory(Sorry the earlier mistake).


//---LEGAL STUFF---\\


All work using this mod as a base is supposed to be uploaded with permision either of me or Typhoid. Anyone daring to fail to this little request fomality shall be hunted down and punished by the gods of "The Forum".


P.S.:Sorry the lack of images.



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I will be incorporating portions of this in the next 1.3 version release. Some of the loadouts in this one are closer to the Quick Strike and other planned variants which, unfortuneately, never made it past the View-Graph engineering phase.


If you like the Quick Strike version, also check out Land Warrior's version.

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