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  1. Have you played it on ArmA??? All they have done to VTE on ArmA is port it over from OFP. It doesn't ahve everythign ported yet (Still some things missing) but when it is done... WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!
  2. Great ArmA Video

    You really need to get Patch 1.05 and 1.08 and then some sound mods and ArmAEffects and your right. Then you will have an A-10 and some more things!
  3. Actually i re-installed and installed the Weps pack and currently insatllign the planes and EE2 and i tested it (Nukes on the B-58 RULE!!!) and it is workign fine and fun
  4. Yeah i installed the planes first....
  5. Will there be any F-14 sounds included, for Typhoids F-14D? That would be great! :D
  6. I got the 03July06 version. Any link to a new one??? Also i do have the latest parch
  7. I do not know whats happening but after installing the Wepons Pack whene ver i start WOE and click Single Mission or Campaign (The only oens i tried ATM) The screen goes black. Other addosn i have are as followed - A-team P-3C (With RAAF AP-3C Textures) - Typhoid F-14D - USAFMTL F-16XL - Explosive Effects 2 (And Flare Fix) -Truc Lo's RNZAF A-4K - gbreuder's B-52D and B-52F Big Belly - Del's C-130J-30 V2.0 RAAF - USAFMTL's F-16 Blk 10 - YF-23 by Del - USAMTL's new F/A-18A Hornet - Charles' Mirage IIIO RAAF - Typhoids Mig-29C - SU-27 US by Falcon161 Whats happening???
  8. Sorry this is ment to be in Thridwire General Discussion below this forum.. Sorry about that mods.
  9. Darn i don't have the F-111 :( I will have to get it... As for the Afterburners i tried using the modded F-16XL ones (I have the F-16XL model aswell). I will try that.
  10. Installing now! Thanks for all your help
  11. OK I did that except put the Particle System intot he Effects folder i will fix it and see if it works.
  12. I have been looking for the new improved A-10C and SU-27 Flanker with a Russian paint. I have the US Flanker but i would rather it in a Blue Soviet paint. Also the A-10C is much more lthal so i would love to have that.

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