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Simple question (stupid even?)

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I was just wondering whether there is a way to edit the AI pilot names. It seems to me like it would be a simple matter of editing a list file of some sort... but I don't know if that kind of file exists.


I took a pretty thorough look through the knowledge base for this kind of thing, but couldn't find anything.


Thanks for your time.

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First you´ll need the *.CAT extractor tool here at CA.




Use it to open the MissionData.cat file in your Flight folder.

Extract the Nations Name *.LST files you want to change.

After you did, just leave them in the Flight folder, as the game engine

will use files there prior to the ones in the CAT.


Edit: Oh, and welcome aboard, at least with your first post! :biggrin:

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It's a thingy called Names***.lst (where *** is the country)


You'll still need the extractor, and you go into the MissionData.cat, in the Flight folder.

There you'll find a host of Names***.lst. They're broken down by, well I guess it's country type.









etc etc and fo course, etc looks like at least 2 dozen of them, by a quick look in the cat


They're broken down into 3 sections,





when and how they appear is based on the "GenderRatio=" for each nation, which is specified in the Nations.ini


Simple text lists, so they're pretty easy to edit in Notepad. Which means, by adjusted taht ratio, you could convievebly run into a modern version of The Night Witches.....of a host of very nast Amazons...



kevin stein

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Hey thanks guys.


I didn't realize that an extractor tool existed. I have a feeling that's the key that I've been missing in a lot of the things I've been unable to do.

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