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Campaign questions... How do you know if you are succeeding?

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I recently bought Falcon4.0Af and I love it. I am still trying to land, lol.


Anyways the campaign is a great feature. I was wondering how you know if you have completed a mission or not. Ex. When I select a havcap mission, or what have you, and am steering to the waypoints; I start to shoot down some MiG's. When I am done more pop up on the opposite end of the map... Let's see I have no missiles left... Do I pursue them? Or how do I know when the mission is accomplished?

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The F4 campaigns are designed to be like "real" campaigns. There's no possible way for one plane to shoot everything down. You go up, do what your mission calls for, and fly home. Then you pick a new mission and go up again.

As for whether mission is accomplished or not, that's not quite so easy to determine. Sometimes it's obvious, like "destroy a power plant" or "destroy armored column." When it's less defined like CAS, SEAD, fighter sweep, etc, you just go up and do what you can with the fuel and ammo you have then go home. The game engine determines if you did it or not, but as long as you knock out targets you'll help the campaign along.

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