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Does anyone have a scan of these illustrations ?

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Or even better, other illustrations of the same artistic rendering.

They come from the french edition of the book "Stealth" by Doug Richardson and supposedly there are others of the same concepts, but I never found anything (not even these), I only recently tracked the book where I first saw them more than a decade ago.


That was a supposed MiG-37, a counterpart to the ATF (future F-22) :



And that was the way the A-12 Avenger II was envisionned, vastly sexier than the real thing :


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Not bad enough for you you take the trouble scanning them if you don't have already (I could scan them myself now, it's just that the book and the scanner are hundred of miles apart for now), it's a want rather than a need.


On the other hand, if you can confirm or deny there is more illustration of these "planes" in the English version, I'd be more interested in these, but knowing myself I'd have to order it anyway.


So unless you already have them scanned, don't bother (it's not as if I weren't sitting on other things for years now, that one can wait).


Thanks FC.

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Yes, we know, the book was published in 1988/1989 and no-one had a clue what the real A-12 would look like.


And frankly, even nowadays, any picture of the real thing looks retarded.

I can't resist in case some forgot the "real" A-12 :



There has been beautiful planes never reaching production for all the wrong reasons, but frankly the A-12 is the best example of a plane that should never have been designed in the first place.


I'm just a sucker for artistic renderings and that A-12 haunted me.

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