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Greetings everyone! I recently got Fraps 2.0 and thought I'd give it a shot by making a FB vid. I think I'll do the next one by s-video, seems to give me a better image. If someone can give me some feed back I'd appreciate. I used a track of my first successful cross through a tunnel made by one of the guys from Silver Triggers Aerobatic Team. So, of course, my thanks to them for the fun time and PRACTICE! Click here to go their homepage.



Hope u enjoy it as much as I did makin' it Grab your copy:




I hope it will also inspire you to inquire about the Savage 77th. We are currently offering new memberships for our IL2 & Loc-On Squadrons!



Bud aka KMA



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That was Sweet.... Nice vid man!!


Can you do one for me inverted? LMAO


SCHWEET!!! Visited the website....those sepia tone Screens are INSPIRING!!! love-em






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That was VERY COOL! The pilot was NUTS! Ya even had to throw a slight curve in the bridge, hehe, My kinda guys... :shock: :D

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Damn hope everybody has checked out the Silver Triggers... without a doubt the best pilots in flight sims... atleast in the aerobatics, but I'm sure they smoke everybody in dogfights too.


Oh and your video was F*CKIN NUTS!!!

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