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A few questions about the campaign and the game in general.

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1) Can somebody explain some of the more intricate details of the campaign? Let's say I fail to shoot down a MiG-21 and he is still flying; is it possible that he may come back in a later mission in the campaign and shoot down a wingman or ally? Is the campaign really that good?


2) I was wondering about 2 radio commands that aren't covered in the manual(in-fact the manual seems to have outdated commands from what I see in game). One is Go Shooter, what does this do? Also How would you send your wingman into a sort of Engage At Will command?


More questions soon to come I'm sure:D I know that there is probably ways I can find out these things myself but I would rather hear the forum members explanations, so much more helpful.

I really appreciate the members time to answer my questions, you don't find that much anymore.

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Yes, undestroyed aircraft stay at the base until the base is destroyed or taken over by ground forces. So if the mig is lucky enough to survive, he will continue to fly until the aircraft from his home plate is depleted. Each airfield is assigned a certain amount of aircraft.


Go shooter (AFAIK) = your wingman will engage first the targets you/the mission/the circumstances assign. The idea is the two planes are supposed to be supportive of each other so its unlikely in a real situation you will have No1 and No2 in a flight engaging at the same time.. unless breifed otherwise or it is completely nessessary if both planes are under threat.



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