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Back to normal…well nearly

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It’s been a hell of a couple of days fellas. Usually my wife and I are pretty healthy people so it all came like a bolt out of the blue when dear lady wife succumbed to the flu at the beginning of the week.


Now in the normal run of things the meals are prepared, the shopping done, beds made, washing up seen to, etc. etc. and you (well I at least) take it all for granted and I guess most of you do too, that is ‘till your ‘serviceable’ wife/partner becomes ‘unserviceable’. Then you have to do these things, cooking, washing, cleaning, goforing, dealing with family matters plus ‘caring for the patient’. Good god my feet haven’t touched the ground.


I ‘d thought I’d just got on top of it all the other night and said to myself well tomorrow I’ll have a bit of time to myself…when you’ve guessed it I went down with the same damned bug.


Now my good lady always said we should share everything but by golly there has to be some things that are best kept to yourself and this wretched virus is one of them!


Added to all this I’m now suffering from ‘CSD’ ‘cos I haven’t had time or strength to turn my system on let alone open up a sim over the last few days. What’s CSD you might ask...well you’ve all heard of ‘Combat Pilot Fatigue’ that’s ‘CPF’ and ‘PCTD’ ‘Post Combat Stress Disorder’ haven’t you. Well ‘CSD’ is ‘Combat Sim Disorder ‘ that’s when you feel the burning need to get up there and shoot the crap out of something…that’s going to feel real good when I can get to it and it’s got to happen soon!

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I'm still getting over being sick, myself. That is to say I've had this cough and head congestion for 2 weeks now!


As for blues, I always feel it because I'm low man on the ladder and can never take the holidays off since everyone else does!

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