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Soon, any hammerhead can 3D model?

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Well, if this lovely looking software sees the light of day!


Australian Centre for Visual Technologies. <<-- This is a link.


Check out the videos.


Do a quick slide by with cam-coder in hand, and play with the recorded material to create most anything.


et in a `pit, pan around, lay it out, bada-bing, bada-boom, the Raptor lives!




I bet it will cost a flibbin' fortune, as they are advertising for PhD's lower on the page...




Added the link indicator, as it all looked same-same to me in the Camo Dark scheme.

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Someone will quite soon produce a version which does not need an investment of $25,000 - :idea: and then...and then...all those helos and planes I have been dreaming of... But then, what about the FMs, and the weps packs and the skinning?

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Oxygen 2 Personal Edition, for Armed Assault can export into .3ds Sure it requires somebody with 3DSMax experience to do, but for me that's easy since I'm more used to that than 3DSMAX, and far cheaper (FREE but you have to have ArmA to render it)

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