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battlefield 2142

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...yes? :wink:


I have ET:QW and think it's great fun, as I like the idea of playing 3 linked maps and unlocking upgrades as you go only to reset again at the end. I do NOT like the BF2-derived idea of "unlocks" for playing a lot. The people that play a lot aren't the ones that need the better equipment!! :blink:

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I just saw this star wars mod called first strike...am downloading now


here is the link




unclear though, if I only want to play off-line, do I need a server or client install?


you may like it as the threads said it was better than SWBF2 (which I still play on occasion)


did you ever try republic commando?

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hey thanks sparko d/l'ding now

I have not played 2142 for some time

but if i know some one I shall start agan .I'll send this mod to my son he'' join us.

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