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J-7G the newest type of the J-7s




The J-7G/E/II/H/JJ is made by insky fallout3(this account 101tfs is a public account in insky forum,I just use it sometimes)

And copyright is keeped by fallout3 from insky forum.

Use,Modify and make Skins for this plane freely,and remind me that before do that.And don`t use it for commercial use or any use against China and the PLA and the Communist Party and so on.

If you upload the J-7s to other forums and so on,please claim that it is orginally made by fallout3 from insky forum.


And you can write your suggestions below!(forum message is ok)


Hope you enjoy the J-7s made by me!


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Does anyone know of a good pit for this? I downloaded and went straight into a mission before I realized it didn't come with one. I tried to give it a Mig-21MF pit but for some reason it wont take it.

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Ok, I installed the SU-27 pit and I changed the cannon to the GSH-23 and everything seems to work. The FM did give me a little trouble and the gun isn't right but it works, and I was able to shoot down two blk 50 Vipers with it, so I really can't complain.

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