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Appreciation for this site

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I echo Schizo66's sentiments towards this site, in that I am so happy for the opportunity to "relive" so many happy memories of my days working on and around military aircraft; specifically, the A-7 Corsair. I had the fortunate experience of working on so many other Navy aircraft, but most of my time as a wrench-turner was with the SLUF.


One can't spend nine years assigned to tailhook squadrons, and not have a lot of great memories to share, and stories to tell. It is this site that lets me do this.


I live in North Georgia, and there isn't a lot of ex-Navy up here, let alone "airdale" types. From the first time I found this site, I knew it was going to give me the opportunity to reminisce about the best time in my life.


Thanks, MJ, for providing a place for me to tell my "sea stories". Hopefully, I haven't bored too many people with them so far. But this forum is something I truly enjoy reading every day, several times a day!


And to all the modders, I salute you! Thanks for allowing me to fantasize what it was like to really fly these warbirds.


Ain't technology great? Ha! We sure have come a long way from the days of Atari, eh?


Hey Schizo, it's time for Flight Quarters. Helmets on, Goggles on, sleeves down, etc..... and all unecessary personnel leave the flight deck NOW!


Go Navair!



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Well said shipmate!


This is by far my most frequented site.


BIG UP to MJ!!! and everybody that makes this site what it is... THE BEST!

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